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YNAB Certified Coach Directory

Looking for one-on-one help with a certified YNAB coach? You’re in the right place!

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YNAB Certified Coaches have completed a nine-week training course and are able to coach you on all of the ins and outs of using YNAB along with additional steps to help get your finances on track. Pricing is determined individually by each coach.

Want to see yourself in this directory? Learn what it takes to become certified.

76 Coaches

  • Headshot of Nicole Cooley

    Nicole Cooley

    Located at Bellingham, Washington, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    Nicole Cooley helps service based entrepreneurs manage cash flow in their business (building profit, saving for taxes, and paying yourself) using YNAB. She believes in a holistic approach to money that combines your numbers, values, beliefs, and dreams.

  • Headshot of Galt Dunn (he/him)

    Galt Dunn (he/him)

    Galt’s Budget Coaching
    Located at Sacramento, California, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    I’ve been budgeting since 19, and now at 30 I do budget coaching for anyone. My goal is to help you feel in control of your finances and spending. Shoot me an email if you’re interested to [email protected]!

  • Headshot of Julia McCleave

    Julia McCleave

    Fresh Start Money Coaching
    Located at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Stepfamilies: Reduce stress about money and reach your financial goals, together. I offer money coaching (including a YNAB budget set up program) designed for stepfamilies.

  • Headshot of Josh Collier

    Josh Collier

    Gig Harbor Financial Services
    Located at Fircrest, Washington, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    I’ve been budgeting almost as long as I’ve had a bank account – and I’ve still had to learn many lessons the hard way! I love sharing what I’ve learned to help you find the same financial freedom and sense of control that I experience through YNAB.

  • Headshot of Holly Grosvenor

    Holly Grosvenor

    Microstuff LLC
    Located at Fairfax Station, Virginia, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    Since 2018, Holly Grosvenor has been a financial coach, helping families gain financial confidence to take control of their lives and guide them towards financial independence. She provides one-on-one coaching on basic personal finances.

  • Headshot of Kristin Wade

    Kristin Wade

    Fiscal Bliss Financial Coaching
    Located at Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    Certified March 2023. YNAB helped me navigate many life challenges such as income changes, divorce, becoming a single mom, and leaving my career as a nurse. My passion is helping healthcare workers make their paychecks work for them, not the other way around.

  • Headshot of Ruth Liebel

    Ruth Liebel

    Ruth Liebel Financial Coaching
    Located at Meridian, Idaho, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    I’m the mother of four great kids, the wife of a soldier and trauma surgeon, and a passionate financial coach. I specialize in helping couples get on the same page, but I love helping everyone enjoy the life-changing magic of a great budget.

  • Headshot of Nathaniel Beam

    Nathaniel Beam

    Budget With Nate, LLC
    Located at Kansas City, Missouri, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    I offer soul-centered Budget Coaching and YNAB Training from a place of unconditional positive regard and non-judgment. We will work on the mechanics of working with budgets and develop the framework for manifesting your decision-making in authentic alignment.

  • Headshot of Katharine Williams

    Katharine Williams

    Centre Stage Money
    Located at Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
    • Remote Meetings

    Put your goals centre stage. I’ll work with you to transform your financial situation. I work with clients across the UK, Europe and North America. I am happy to work worldwide, if our timezones match up. I coach in English.

  • Headshot of Tyler Smith

    Tyler Smith

    Tyler Smith Consulting LLC
    Located at Lehi, Utah, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    Experience the transformative power of coaching with a complimentary 2-hour session.

  • Headshot of Trent Ladle

    Trent Ladle

    Master Budget Coaching
    Located at Stansbury Park, Utah, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Trent Ladle has been budgeting for nearly 40 years & has been using YNAB software for 10 years. Trent’s love for helping people improve their lives is what drove him to begin offering budget coaching services & he is ready to share his storehouse of experience and training.

  • Headshot of Kim Fisher

    Kim Fisher

    The Living Budget
    Located at Virginia, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    As a mom and a professional with a background in writing, I took budgeting into my own hands, paid off all of our debt ($40,000), and increased our net worth by 6,000%! My years of figuring out the best ways to increase our money turned into helping others do the same.

  • Headshot of Scott Stillman

    Scott Stillman

    Scott Stillman
    Located at Clear Lake Shores, Texas, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Scott Stillman helps you fight off the pirates and weather the storms in your financial life. He owns a Financial Planning practice with 22+ years of experience. From Budgeting and Investments to Insurance and Planning, talk to Scott for help charting your financial path.

  • Headshot of Jeff Merrell

    Jeff Merrell

    Wise Money Mentor
    Located at Sandy, Utah, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    You crave clarity, control, and confidence in your financial life, and I know how to help you get there. My approach combines live and asynchronous, just-in-time coaching to lessen the YNAB learning curve, see results faster, and tailor everything to your specific situation.

  • Headshot of Tes Slominski

    Tes Slominski

    Located at Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    YNAB helped me fund several career shifts (including a big one out of a tenure-track academic teaching job) and a long-distance move. Now I help others figure out and plan their own bold choices and brave leaps!

  • Headshot of Carrie Poling

    Carrie Poling

    Brightside Financial Care, LLC
    Located at Fishers, Indiana, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    I believe in neutralizing the power of money over people by putting people in charge of their money. Relationships always come first! I love helping married couples, caregivers, busy professionals, or anyone that would like to embrace healthy budgeting principles and skills.

  • Headshot of Paul Hollingdrake

    Paul Hollingdrake
    Located at London and Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Freelancing on a variable income, Paul found the mental wellness benefits of YNAB’s method outweighed the financial security. His coaching offers a new money mindset with non-judgemental help based in self-compassion. Coaching for personal, family, & small business finance.

  • Headshot of Amy Aston

    Amy Aston

    Budgets by Design
    Located at Franklin, Tennessee, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Hello! YNAB has helped me reach my goals using a priority based budget that works for my life. I’d love to help you feel in control of your finances. Let’s work together to design a budget the at reflects your life & targets your goals!

  • Headshot of Beth Williams

    Beth Williams

    New Hope Budget Counseling
    Located at Gainesville, Georgia, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    As a retired educator of 32 years, I have a passion for teaching. I want you to be debt free and in control of your budget, just like I am! I’m a single mom so I know how stressful and bleak finances can be, but I also know that YNAB and coaching can change that for you.

  • Headshot of Suzanne Chaix

    Suzanne Chaix

    Swell Rising
    Located at Concord, California, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Hi, I’m Suzanne. I’m a blogger and wellness coach who believes that financial wellness is vital to one’s happiness. I discovered YNAB in 2018 and have been a strong advocate for it after seeing the way it has improved my financial outlook. Let me help you do the same!

  • Headshot of Timothy Kelly

    Timothy Kelly

    Private Practice Budget Academy
    Located at Aurora, Colorado, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    You can sort through a client’s mess like a boss but shrink and hide at the idea of dealing with your money. You need a place that can teach you what’s needed to take control of your finances, and I help private practice owners spend confidently. Come learn more.

  • Headshot of Lindsey Ciarrocca

    Lindsey Ciarrocca

    The Exuberant Elephant
    Located at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    Lindsey is a YNAB Certified Budget Coach and a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and has been helping clients take control of their money in order to live their Greatest Life and create positive change in the world since 2016.

  • Headshot of Cory Morris

    Cory Morris

    Morris Better Bookkeeping
    Located at Kearney, Nebraska, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Budgeting just makes life better. I work with small businesses to make sure their books are in order. I believe your business should support your life, not the other way around, and a good budget gives you the clarity to do it!

  • Headshot of Anita O'Neal

    Anita O’Neal

    Powerful People Plan
    Located at Dallas, Texas, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    Anita is a CPA and has an unwavering passion for helping people learn to manage their money. She helps people make peace with their money so they have the emotional and financial freedom to do the things God called them to do and be everything God called them to be.

  • Headshot of Bobbi Olson

    Bobbi Olson

    CentsAble Chat
    Located at La Habra, California, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    My goal is to help you build a budget that helps you become financially independent – whether that means getting out of debt, breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle or starting out with good money habits, so you never know the despair of debt or living paycheck to paycheck!

  • Headshot of Jacqueline Keeley

    Jacqueline Keeley

    Creative Accounting
    Located at New York City, New York, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    I fell in love with YNAB in 2014 when it gave me control over and confidence with my money for the first time in my life. This led me to become a personal finance coach in 2018. I’m passionate about teaching YNAB and seeing others succeed!

  • Headshot of Spencer Lutvak

    Spencer Lutvak

    Budget with Spencer
    Located at New York, New York, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Spencer is a former YNAB Support Specialist, who left the team to become a certified coach. He knows the software like the back of his hand and loves to work with confident and newbie budgeters alike. Reach out if your budget is broken or if it doesn’t even exist yet!

  • Headshot of Zenia McLaughlin

    Zenia McLaughlin

    Sacred Connection Journeys
    Located at Bishop, California, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    I work with people who want to make space for something new to happen with their money. We’ll start with an expansive conversation about the “energy of money” and its purpose in your life as we set up your budget in YNAB. From there, new possibilities are sure to emerge.

  • Headshot of Emily Freeman

    Emily Freeman

    One Step Forward Financial Coaching
    Located at Kalispell, Montana, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Do you have big (almost impossible) dreams you’re looking to accomplish? Are you looking for the money to fund those dreams? Work with me to change your dreams into goals and your goals into actionable steps that will take you far beyond what currently seems possible.

  • Headshot of Lindsey Hardegree

    Lindsey Hardegree

    Get Organized Y’all
    Located at Atlanta, Georgia, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    By day I’m a nonprofit executive & doctoral student. By night (and weekend!) I help people to create their ideal life by organizing their spaces, systems, and finances. YNAB Certified Budget Coach | Productivity Consultant | Professional Organizer certified by Marie Kondo.

  • Headshot of Jerneice Holmes

    Jerneice Holmes

    JJHolmes Financial
    Located at Royersford, Pennsylvania, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    A CPA by day, my true passion is in helping individuals and small businesses achieve financial freedom through positive cash flows and prudent financial habits. The debt cycle crushes the mind and the spirit, and I truly believe YNAB holds one of the keys to breaking free!

  • Headshot of Joe Ahrens

    Joe Ahrens

    Budget Coach Joe
    Located at Snellville, Georgia, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Joe is a retired educator with 28 years of experience as a teacher and leader. He has been using YNAB since 2014. His unique experience of teaching, coaching leaders, and experience with YNAB is exactly what you need to take your budgeting game to the next level.

  • Headshot of Amanda Perez

    Amanda Perez

    Amplified Budget
    Located at Corona, California, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    I enjoy helping clients define their budget and know where their money goes. Over 12 years ago, YNAB helped my family get out of debt, pay for university without student loans, and buy our first house. It also helped us raise financially mature young adults. Let’s chat…

  • Headshot of Dawn Koplitz

    Dawn Koplitz

    Sign of Money
    Located at Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    I want everyone to know about YNAB! I am fluent in American Sign Language/English and have a lifetime of experience in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. I have 30+ years of experience in education and interpreting. Contact me to get your finances organized!

  • Headshot of Hal Prather

    Hal Prather

    Your Profit Pro
    Located at Sharpsburg, Georgia, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    My “first” career was as a financial counselor and software consultant. Now, I use those skills by operating our growing homeschool business which includes Your Profit Pro. I serve individuals, families, and small businesses on their journey to financial freedom.

  • Headshot of Andrea Liebross

    Andrea Liebross

    Andrea Liebross Coaching, LLC
    Located at Carmel, Indiana, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    Andrea’s known for helping bold, ambitious women make clear, confident decisions, so that they get exactly what they want, every time. By simplifying, making things “doable” and fun, Andrea’s clients shift from believing what they want is impossible or daunting to possible.

  • Headshot of Emma Newman

    Emma Newman

    Located at Eugene, Oregon, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Emma Newman is a money and life coach who supports young professionals to gain financial clarity and align their money with their values. She particularly enjoys supporting people who are transforming systems to create equitable, thriving, and resilient communities.

  • Headshot of Nick Smith

    Nick Smith

    Personal Wealth Adventures
    Located at Alexandria, Virginia, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    As an author of an Amazon best-seller (Your Millionaire Marathon) and finance coach since 2019, I will partner with you to stabilize your budget and build custom projections (home affordability; retirement planning), giving you the directions to achieve your financial goals.

  • Headshot of Jeni Hall

    Jeni Hall

    Your Budgeting Coach
    Located at New Hampshire, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Everybody needs a coach.

    My goal is to help you become a confident, independent budgeter.

    My money coaching classes are a judgment free zone where you learn and implement the rules and habits that make your budget a true reflection of your life and your goals.

  • Headshot of Carey Northington

    Carey Northington

    One Master Ministries
    Located at Dayton, Ohio, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Carey and his wife, Andrea, team up to provide a compassionate approach to budget coaching. Clients talk about how they experience no shame or embarrassment when meeting with them. Take the courageous step today to get the help you want. They can’t wait to meet you!

  • Headshot of Kerrie Saephanh

    Kerrie Saephanh

    Mindful Budgets
    Located at Oakland, California, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    I provide values-focused coaching to help individuals and couples find peace with their money. Let’s build your budget and find a routine that ACTUALLY works for you. Transparent pricing included!

  • Headshot of Marian Carroll

    Marian Carroll

    The Budget Workshop
    Located at Morris County, New Jersey, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    I am a certified budgeting and wellness coach assisting clients in achieving their financial objectives through budgeting and goal-setting. Serving all income and age levels, and specializing in retirement planning, for those who are near or new in retirement.

  • Headshot of AJ Frenzel

    AJ Frenzel

    MoneyDoula Coaching
    Located at St. Paul, Minnesota, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    Coach, hand holder, real human person.

  • Headshot of Carrie Hayes

    Carrie Hayes

    Better Budgets
    Located at Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    • Remote Meetings

    I’m a budgeting & personal finance coach. I specialize in YNAB for small business, and for those working the tech and healthcare fields. However, all professions are welcome. My approach uses emotional engineering to ensure you succeed at YNAB, and budgeting.

  • Headshot of Elizabeth Schuhr

    Elizabeth Schuhr

    Located at Roswell, Georgia, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    With over 25 years of finance and accounting experience, numbers are my second language. I balance out working with a large publicly traded company by helping individuals and small businesses take control of their finances.

  • Headshot of Jaime Lyerly

    Jaime Lyerly

    Jaime Lyerly Coaching
    Located at Lake Havasu City, Arizona, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Do you have a non-linear brain or have a hard time getting started or sticking with budgeting? I can help! I have been a life coach for 9 years, and have been coaching on budgets for about 2 years. I believe that budgeting can be fun, and a great tool for creating more.

  • Headshot of Matt Renwick

    Matt Renwick

    Budget Coaching for Educators
    Located at Mineral Point, Wisconsin, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    I help educators create awareness around their income and expenses, break out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, and build confidence to reach their personal goals.

  • Headshot of Kacy Smith

    Kacy Smith

    Kacy Smith Corp.
    Located at San Diego, California, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    I have been a Financial Coach for over 5 years. I help design a unique budget specifically for your goals and lifestyle. There is no one size fits all so it’s important to me to understand your needs and plans for the future. Let me design the RIGHT YNAB budget for you.

  • Headshot of Celia Benton

    Celia Benton

    Located at Madbury, New Hampshire, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Celia is a homeschooling mom of 3 who has been using YNAB to thrive as a one income family. She also is a moderator of the YNAB Fans Facebook group where she troubleshoots budgets and answers questions daily. Her passion is reducing the mental load of finances for everyone.

  • Headshot of Nick Kaylor

    Nick Kaylor

    Budget Better LLC
    Located at McKinney, Texas, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Nick, a husband and dad to 3 young kids, coaches software teams by day and budgeters by night. As life evolves, so should our budgets and Nick’s goal is to make asking for help Not A Big Deal as people figure out budgeting, how to use YNAB, and their financial priorities.

  • Headshot of Margo Blackstone

    Margo Blackstone

    Margo Blackstone Coaching
    Located at Duluth, Minnesota, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Margo is a midwife and hype woman turned money coach. She loves helping women budget as a sacred self-care practice, and so that they can find the money to fuel their dreams and help make the world a more beautiful place.

  • Headshot of Terri Hughes

    Terri Hughes

    Budget Harmony
    Located at Norfolk, Virginia, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Hi! I’m inspired to teach others that having a budget is the framework for the life they want to live. Financial peace and priorities can coexist in harmony. As a budget coach, I can help you take the first steps to financial peace without sacrificing the fun in life!

  • Headshot of Kat Sklar

    Kat Sklar

    The Friendly Spreadsheet LLC
    Located at Portland, OR, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    I’m a CPA, spreadsheet enthusiast and fan of helping people find processes that fit THEM. I’m especially excited to work with fellow small business owners, especially if you identify as a creative or ‘not a numbers person’. You got this!

  • Headshot of Allan (they/them/iel) Buckingham

    Allan (they/them/iel) Buckingham

    Outdoor Life Planning
    Located at Banff, Alberta, Canada
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    There’s no right or wrong way to structure your life or your money. I’d love to help you sort out how best to set up your money so it can support the life you want to live. My passion is helping people make the money work so they can spend more time outdoors.

  • Headshot of Jen Fuhler

    Jen Fuhler

    Located at Edwardsville, Illinois, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    My career is in teaching writing, but I love creating space for others to share their money stories and goals. As a certified YNAB coach with a master’s degree in personal financial planning, I help people alleviate stress through budgeting and financial therapy.

  • Headshot of Mika


    Not Mad Yet
    Located at Campinas, Brazil
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    I’m a nomad and adventurer who’s cycle toured and climbed mountains around the world independently, and now also teaches autonomy and financial sanity to fellow dreamers. I have a PhD in math, two changes of city clothes, and I love playing with oil pastels.

  • Headshot of Hillary Bullions

    Hillary Bullions

    Practical Budgeting Solutions, LLC
    Located at Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Hillary walks alongside you as you gain New Perspectives to manage your paycheck to create a stress free/guilt free/goal minded financial life! In addition, she works with teens so that they move into their adult lives with a strong financial foundation.

  • Headshot of JanaLee Pickett

    JanaLee Pickett

    Hope on a Dime
    Located at Eagle Mountain, Utah, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    With 5+ years coaching experience, 10+ years YNAB experience, and as a 100% debt free (walking the talk) retired homeschool mom; I meet couples where they are and help them communicate, find clarity, and feel hope in their financial journey. — Fluent in both English and ASL.

  • Headshot of Darío Martínez Batlle

    Darío Martínez Batlle

    Sal de la Olla
    Located at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    ¿Hablas español y quieres usar YNAB para dominar tus finanzas? Yo estoy preparado para acompañarte en tu camino. Soy Dominicano y en mi país, imaginamos la estrechez financiera como estar dentro de una olla ardiente. ¡Trabaja conmigo y saldrás de la olla para siempre!

  • Headshot of Sareeta Lopez (she/her)

    Sareeta Lopez (she/her)

    Located at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Sareeta is a trauma-informed financial coach, certified through the Trauma of Money program in addition to YNAB. Natural communicator and masterful teacher, Sareeta’s insights come from both professional teacher training and personal lived experience with trauma.

  • Headshot of Heather Emerick

    Heather Emerick

    Located at Vienna , Virginia, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    As a certified YNAB coach, I have the expertise to help you create a budget that works for your unique financial goals. My mission is to provide you with the support and knowledge you need to take control of your money and live the life you truly want. Let’s get started!

  • Headshot of Nance Pease

    Nance Pease

    Located at Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Need to build a healthier relationship with money and calm your imposter-syndrome inner critic so you can feel more confident and have a more meaningful life? I help people build that through solid mindsets and actual skills so they know how to put these ideas in action!

  • Headshot of Rasheeda N. Creighton

    Rasheeda N. Creighton

    Killing Superwoman®
    Located at Richmond, Virginia, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    Rasheeda Creighton is a licensed attorney, entrepreneur, nonprofit executive and personal finance enthusiast. She seeks to help other women, especially Black women, take control of their financial lives, starting with money values & budget coaching.

  • Headshot of Litsa DeJulio (she/her)

    Litsa DeJulio (she/her)

    LD Coaching LLC
    Located at Bethel, Connecticut, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    I’m a writer and coach with over 20 years of experience as a mental health professional. I specialize in working with helping professionals, creative persons, and small business owners. I believe when we change our money habits and mindset, we change our lives.

  • Headshot of Ellen Oliver

    Ellen Oliver

    Systems by Ellen, LLC
    Located at Blacksburg, Virginia, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    I support women entrepreneurs by offering bookkeeping and budgeting for their business and their personal finances.

  • Headshot of Adrienne Johnson

    Adrienne Johnson

    Know Good Well
    Located at Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Maybe you’re like me: You didn’t grow up with much financial knowledge, but now you’re ready to learn to make better financial decisions—starting with your own personal budget. I’ve been there and I’d like to help you get you to a better financial destination.

  • Headshot of Alexis Dumire

    Alexis Dumire

    Alexis Dumire Budget Coaching
    Located at Illinois, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    I’m here to help you master your money and start living your life! It’s my goal to help you discover your priorities and then build a plan that aligns your real life situation with those priorities so you can reach your goals – both big and small!

  • Headshot of Nancy Abramowitz

    Nancy Abramowitz

    The Budget Brain
    Located at Hartford, Connecticut, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Hello! I started budgeting in 2016 and became a YNAB Certified Coach to show others how easy budgeting can be. I’d love to help anyone solve the “where does all my money go” dilemma once and for all, but I especially love helping parents and folks with neurodivergent brains.

  • Headshot of Nicole White

    Nicole White

    Roo Budgets
    Located at Wisconsin, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    As the budgeter of a low income household, I’ve been able to get off the paycheck to paycheck cycle & learn to have a healthy relationship with money. I have a passion for teaching and want to help people live their best life through YNAB. Let’s get out of debt together!

  • Headshot of Kristin Economos

    Kristin Economos

    The Life Skills Launch, LLC
    Located at Des Moines, Iowa, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    Hi! I’m a university educator with expertise in budgeting for college students and young professionals as they make the transition to post-graduate life. I love equipping students with skills for the launch to early adulthood, and I’d love to work with you!

  • Headshot of Anita Dombovari

    Anita Dombovari

    High Level Coaching
    Located at Denver, Colorado, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    I help socially-conscious people stop settling for a mediocre life in order to embody abundance in the finances, love life, & craft.

    Along with the mental elements, there are practical elements, like YNAB! Let’s get you on the path to abundance in all areas of your life!

  • Headshot of Chelsea Alventosa

    Chelsea Alventosa

    The YNAB Coach
    Located at Bristol, United Kingdom
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    I’m passionate about helping others feel at peace with their money. If you need help with managing your day-to-day cash flow and figuring out what to do when your next paycheck hits, I’m your gal. Let me help you finally stop panic-refreshing your bank account on pay day!

  • Headshot of Sarah Elledge

    Sarah Elledge

    Every Penny Accounts
    Located at Mineral Wells, Texas, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    My passion is to help people live wealthier and feel better about their finances every single day. I do this by helping you recognize your obstacles, discover your goals, and ensure you’re having fun along the way!

  • Headshot of Kelly Kolb

    Kelly Kolb

    Located at Milford, Nebraska, United States
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Remote Meetings

    I am passionate about helping people find financial freedom. My goal is to help you find peace and clarity surrounding your money no matter your current level of income or debt. Join me in becoming a budgeting nerd!

  • Headshot of Chelsea Hester-Bradt

    Chelsea Hester-Bradt

    Located at New York, New York, United States
    • Remote Meetings

    Here to help folks who are new to YNAB, have ADHD, and/or have variable income feel confident managing their money in a nonjudgmental and shame-free environment. We’ll get your budget set-up, learn fun YNAB tips and tricks, and bring greater awareness to your money flow!

  • Headshot of Chris Harcksen-Lucero

    Chris Harcksen-Lucero

    Beyond the Number$
    Located at Turlock, California, United States
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    As a flight paramedic and financial coach, I have a unique perspective on both emergency response and financial well-being. I combine my expertise to assist individuals in creating budgets that align with their goals and enable them to live their best life.