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Frequently asked questions

How, exactly, do I get started?

You’ll never be great at money unless you start. Everything else—the end of financial stress, getting ahead, unicorns and show ponies—will come later. But only if you start. (Not quitting is also important, but first we start.) So, let’s get to it.

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Ultimate Get Started Guide
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Learn the Four Rules
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Creating Your Budget in YNAB

Help! I can’t connect to my bank!

Direct Import is amazing. But there are quite a few moving parts, and sometimes they need an adjustment.

How do I import a file from my bank?

Looking for a way to import transactions that isn’t Direct Import? Try File-Based Importing! (Only available in the web app.)

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I need help reconciling my accounts!

Because you use YNAB to make spending decisions, your records in YNAB need to be in complete agreement with your bank’s records—this process is called reconciliation.

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