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Welcome to the YNAB Press Resource Center

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About YNAB

YNAB is an app that guides spending decisions through a simple set of habits, and has taught millions of people to change their relationship with money for good.

YNAB began in 2004 as a lil' bitty spreadsheet by founder Jesse Mecham. Today, the YNABverse continues to expand: YNAB exists as a workplace benefit, a WSJ best-selling book, across college campuses (all college students get a free year), and a certification program for personal finance coaches. Did we mention our relatable (and hilarious) YNAB experts are legit celebrities on social media, or our passionate fan communities that are larger than the population of Charleston?

At YNAB, money isn’t a taboo topic. YNABers can’t stop talking about how the habits have changed their lives…don’t believe us? YNAB tattoos, license plates, and even a YNAB shout out in wedding vows isn’t an unusual occurrence. Just watch: when you change the way you think about your money, you’ll love the way you spend it too!

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We love to partner with brands and content creators who produce great content and believe that the right money habits money habits can change your life. (Bonus points if you already use and love YNAB!)

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For questions not addressed in the press kit or resource center, contact us at pr@ynab.com.