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Bring YNAB to Work

All of your coworkers could be YNABing, and you can make it happen!

You already love YNAB, so share it with your team!

How would it change your company if all your coworkers were YNABers!? Sounds like heaven, right? We think so, too.

We’ve made it easy for your company to provide YNAB to you and your teammates as part of your benefits package. HR is going to love it! You just need to tell them about it!

Here’s how it works

Send a message to your HR team

We’ve done all the work for you with pre-written messages explaining all the benefits of YNAB. All you have to do is copy the text below, paste, and send!

Our people talk to your people

Your HR department will thank you for your go-getter attitude and then schedule a meeting with our team. Our sales folks will take it from there!
A desktop computer with the YNAB logo on the screen

Everyone at work gets free YNAB (you included!)

Once your team decides to add YNAB as a company benefit, you and your coworkers will get YNAB for free! Bask in the glow of a workplace full of YNABers!

Email Templates

We’ve written a few messages you can copy, paste, customize and humbly send to your HR team to let them know you’d love to see Financial Wellness by YNAB added to your benefits package.

“Short & Sweet” Message

Short on time? Send a quick note to your HR pro about Financial Wellness by YNAB using your workplace’s messenger service.

Hi [HR Pro Name],

I just heard that the money app I use and love, YNAB, has an offering specifically for companies like [Your Company]. You can offer Financial Wellness by YNAB as part of our benefits package to help employees change their relationship with money. You can find all the details at

YNAB has made a huge difference in my life, and I think our team would love it too! Thanks!
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“Hey, By the Way” Email

Are you on a first-name basis with your boss or HR professional? Send them a personal-yet-casual request.

Hi [HR Pro Name],

Quick benefit recommendation for you. I’m a huge fan of the money app, YNAB. I just found out they have a corporate-friendly offering that teams like ours can use to boost their benefits package: Financial Wellness by YNAB.

You can find all the details at Just wanted to pass the benefit information along in case it’s of interest. I can definitely say that having more peace around my home finances keeps me more focused at work and happier overall. I think our team would love it!

Thanks for checking it out,


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“Shout YNAB From the Rooftops” Email

Do you have a formal workplace or feel more passionate about YNAB? Add a personal anecdote to this HR email to drive the power of YNAB home.

Hi [HR Pro Name],

I’ve really appreciated your focus on workplace wellbeing lately. Along those lines, I wanted to pass along a recommendation for a new wellness benefit I think our team would love.

The money app I use, YNAB, has a product specifically for organizations. The idea behind Financial Wellness by YNAB is to help employees change their relationship with money for the better. The program comes with YNAB app access, on-demand education, and custom workshops for our team. You can find all the details at

They say that when employees are less stressed about money, they’re less distracted at work and happier overall. I know that’s certainly been true for me!

[Insert your personal YNAB story here if you’d like.]

Thanks for your consideration,


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