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YNAB for Good

Your non-profit can now offer donated YNAB subscriptions to those you serve in your community.

A better financial future

For individuals in underrepresented and marginalized communities, the struggle with money is all too real. The system itself thwarts even the most valiant efforts. We want to try and help. We know how to teach people to break the paycheck to paycheck cycle, get out of debt, and build wealth. We’re really good at it—but YNAB isn’t always accessible to the people who could most benefit from it. Help us change that.

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Let’s join forces

The YNAB for Good initiative exists to support and empower organizations who are already working to create and teach financial stability in underrepresented and marginalized communities. We’re making YNAB subscriptions free for you to distribute to those you serve, along with our always-free live workshops, educational content, video resources, and personalized support.

How it works

If you’re a certified non-profit that is already promoting financial literacy in this space, we’d love to help you get YNAB into the hands of those you serve. We’ve set up a brief application process and look forward to hearing from you!

To be considered for YNAB For Good, organizations must:

A piggy bank

Have a program that equips individuals in marginalized communities with financial literacy.

Be registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the US or registered charity in Canada and have operated for at least one year.

Understand that YNAB is offering product donations to those you serve and not financial contributions.

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Demonstrate inclusive and non-discriminatory practices by providing a copy of an active non-discrimination policy with the application.


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