Financial Wellness by YNAB

Boost your benefits package with YNAB’s money management app and system.

The mental health benefit you didn’t know you needed

Increase workplace happiness

Improve your team's financial well-being and reduce stress at work.

Kick team turnover to the curb

Help employees thrive with less financial stress and enjoy higher retention rates—even with inflation.

Build a benefits package to write home about

Embrace holistic employee wellness and stand out among peers.

What’s Included

An award-winning money management app and method

When you sign up, your organization will have access to world-class education programs, financial coaching, live workshops, and an award-winning customer support team.

Free roll-out guide

You’ll receive a step-by-step guide to roll the program out to your employees. All the work is done for you with customizable templates and printable resources so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting.

Customized portal

Encourage employee participation with an easy-share link, submit questions to our dedicated Wellness Specialists, and see how many team members are using YNAB on your organization's portal.

Dedicated support

Gain access to our dedicated Client Success Managers who are available to answer questions and make sure you get the most value out of the program.

Tools you can trust

Your employees’ data is private—it’s theirs and only theirs. Your organization will not be able to see your team’s personal budgets. We will never sell user data of any kind.


Invest in your team, your way

From small-but-mighty teams to enterprise organizations, our plans are designed to fit like a glove.
Designed for companies with under 25 employees who need minimal rollout support and are ready to get started today.
Designed for larger teams and includes a custom rollout plan, live launch event with one of our educators, employee engagement materials, and a dedicated client success team.
Questions? Email us at
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A bar graph showing 93% of YNAB users could cover a $1,000 emergency versus 47% of U.S. workers and that 79% of YNAB users could cover basic expenses if they were out for a month compared to 62% of U.S. workers

The impact of financial wellness

Eliminating financial stress is our bottom line

In a recent PwC survey of full-time U.S. workers, 45% of employees were stressed about their personal finances during work hours. It’s the #1 cause of distraction for your team!

We did a survey of 3,000 full-time workers who had a whole different approach to financial health. They use the YNAB app and Method to manage their money and fund the future they want.

  • 93% of YNABers could cover a $1,000 emergency.
  • 79% could cover basic expenses if they were out of work for a month.
  • Only 2% have ever requested payday advances.
Read the Whole Report

Take it from these stress-free YNABers

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It takes me 30 seconds per day

Learning to manage money with YNAB has made a huge difference in my stress level, awareness, and day-to-day decision making. Now, at any moment on any day, I know that our upcoming expenses are covered.

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I have peace of mind

I feel more at peace now than I ever have before. It's so liberating to have control over your money and not let your money control you.

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No longer living paycheck to paycheck

I thought living without consumer debt was an unattainable dream—but we were able to use YNAB to finally dig out of the debt and no longer living paycheck to paycheck. It has changed everything.

An image of the monthly category list screen in YNAB mobile app

Supercharge your employee benefits package with a perk that works

Everyone carries financial stress—and employees carry it right into work. Financial Wellness by YNAB can help your team gain total control of their money and build a truly “Great Place to Work.”

Financial Wellness by YNAB FAQs

Absolutely! Send an inquiry to and we’ll schedule a demo for you.

Our survey of over 3,000 full-time workers in the US who use YNAB showed that employees who use YNAB carry less financial stress than the general full-time population. You can dive into the data in our Employee Financial Wellness Survey Report. The proof is in the pudding.

Financial Wellness is designed for YNAB to do the work—so you don’t have to. From the time you sign up, we make it easy to manage the program from your rollout guide and streamlined Dashboard. Your team will also have immediate access to our vast pool of financial education resources.

For Enterprise customers, we also provide quarterly engagement email templates, team challenges, and workshop invitations to encourage employee engagement beyond your personalized Launch Event.

We’re firm believers in the power of community. Maybe your team would like to do a More Money Challenge together, create a YNAB: The Book book club, or simply have a monthly lunch check-in to celebrate and support each other’s progress. Whatever your team is looking for, we can help make it happen!

We encourage you to get to know YNAB for yourself! Try YNAB for free for 34 days to get a crystal-clear view into what your employees will experience when they sign up for YNAB through your workplace.

Your team can smoothly transition their YNAB account to a plan paid by your workplace! During rollout, these team members will be able to sign into an existing account and automatically receive a prorated refund for the remaining time on their personal subscription. They’ll continue using YNAB just like they always have! No starting from scratch going on around here.

We're so glad you asked! This page has been designed to answer all the questions your employer might have, and we recommend you send them an email requesting this benefit! You can find templates near the bottom of the aforementioned page. If you'd prefer to have us reach out, email our Wellness team at, and one of our team members will be in touch!

We'd love to chat. Drop us a line at and our sales team will be in touch.

Sure can! YNAB Founder Jesse Mecham loves to speak with fellow business leaders about the power of managing your money. Get a sense of his presence on the YNAB Podcast and Beginning Balance Podcast, or send us a request at

We are happy to discuss bulk pricing for organizations with over 25 employees. Complete this brief form to start the conversation.

Oftentimes, yes! Ask your benefit provider if you can use Wellness funds to pay for YNAB for your employees.

The Financial Wellness by YNAB team is here to help. Don't hesitate to reach out to with any and all questions.

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