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YNAB Guides

Want to curl up and read everything there is to read about money? We get it! Our guides are the long and the long of it, and these principles apply whether you use our app or not. You’ll be mastering your money in no time!

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The Ultimate Get Started Guide

Congratulations! Being ready and willing to dive into your finances with eyes wide open is at least half the battle. Now we want to help you get up and running with this shiny new method for managing your money!

How to Transition From Mint to YNAB

YNAB isn't just a Mint alternative—it's better. This guide covers the philosophy behind the YNAB Method, the difference between Mint and YNAB terminology, and the nitty-gritty on importing your Mint data.

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Simplify Your Finances

Build better money habits, simplify finances and learn how your current setup might be causing extra stress.

Manage Money as a Couple

Learn how creating financial harmony can help align your goals, plan your future, and improve your relationship.

How to Get Out of Debt

Debt keeps you shackled to past decisions. Clear the path for a future of freedom and get out of debt for good.

Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Ready to give up the constant stress and mental math of living paycheck-to-paycheck? Learn to break the cycle.

Irregular Income

Calling all freelancers, gig workers, and those working on commission: reduce the stress of irregular income with YNAB's four rules.

Where Did My Money Go?

If you find you find yourself asking that question, you need a plan for money management.

How to Save Money

Wondering how to save money? We’ll cover why you’re not saving, how to start saving successfully, and how to level up your savings game.

YNAB vs. Budgeting

Forget traditional budgeting. YNAB is a better, less restrictive way to manage your money. Learn how and why it works.