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Video Courses

Watch these short, step-by-step lessons to learn how to budget in YNAB. You’ll be on the road to money mastery in no time.

New to budgeting? Watch this first!

Our One-Stop Video For New Budgeters Getting Started With YNAB

We know it isn’t easy, but try and forget everything you think you know about budgeting. Don’t let any past experiences, assumptions, or perceived failures hold you back any further. We can teach you a new way of thinking about your money and exactly how to be in total control of your money and your future.

Other Video Courses

Four Rules for Less Money Stress

Want to gain total control of your money? The Four Rules will teach you how. These simple-yet-life-changing steps will change the way you handle your money for the better. Watch now and let the magic begin.

How to Get Out of Debt (and Stay Out!)

Are you fed up with debt and ready to be free of it? Or maybe you’ve paid off debt before only to find yourself neck-deep once again. In this course, you’ll create a debt paydown plan that will leave you feeling in control, moving toward financial security, and ready to say goodbye to debt stress forever.