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New YNAB Features

Wondering about the latest and greatest new features in your budget? Here’s a deeper dive into the shiny new updates we’ve released lately.

What’s New with Your YNAB Budget

We want to build the best budget around, and that means we’re constantly improving, optimizing, and rolling out new features to make your budgeting life better.

Check out the latest changes we’ve made to simplify your money management setup and the tools that make it even easier to reach your financial goals. If we’re rolling out something new, it’s because we’re THAT confident that it’s going to make your life as a YNABer even easier…or because we heard from your collective voice in our social media comments.

Check Out the Newest YNAB Features

  • Introducing YNAB Together for Your Shared Financial Journey

    Once upon a time in the YNABverse, budgeting was an individual sport. You linked accounts (or didn’t), practiced YNAB’s Method, and gradually life got less stressful. You felt more in control. You saved for a down payment, paid down your debt, or bought hot dog finger gloves.
  • Slay Your Loans With YNAB’s Loan Planner

    Want to find more money to pay off your loans? The new Loan Planner from YNAB can help you save time and money on your loan payoff. Loans come in all flavors and sizes. Some drive you crazy, others lurk in the corner, and some seem so large they feel like you’ll never pay them.
  • Reconciliation Now on Android

    Android users rejoice! Reconciliation is now available on your Android devices. While this feature has already been released on iOS, we’ve been working hard to bring it to Android as well.

More YNAB Features…

  • 8 Ways We Made Your Budget Better

    Today is an epic day in the YNAB universe. The You-Nee-verse. Because, as you may have noticed this morning when you went to add a “last night was rough” commuting coffee to your budget, BLAM. Everything looked different. Like what the… We did a little tidying last night. And by “last night,” we mean we’ve …

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  • Auto-Assign 101

    For many of us, our budget is like a trusted friend; it’s honest, dependable, and offers gentle guidance and accountability. When something about a friendship changes, it can be alarming at first. Why did this happen? Is it going to affect game night? Will this annoy me? (I mean, we’re all a little bit selfish …

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  • Behind the Scenes: Flattening the YNAB Learning Curve

    The YNAB method works extremely well—we see the proof of that in the success stories we hear every single day. Unfortunately, we also hear about something else every day: the learning curve. We won’t deny it, getting started with YNAB is more difficult than we would like. It’s a problem we’ve wrestled with for years. …

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  • How to Use YNAB Mobile Search

    Can’t remember how much you spent on takeout last week? Is the desk clerk at the gym saying your membership fee is due when you know you paid it last week? Not to worry — you can now easily search transactions on your mobile device.* *Right now this feature is only available for iOS devices. …

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  • Check Your Progress at a Glance

    Financial goals? Oh you’ve got ’em. You’re saving for your next laptop, a sweet summer vacation, and a bathroom remodel all at the same time. Wouldn’t it be just dandy to glance at your budget and know exactly where you stand on every single category? Or how about wanting to know how much you have …

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  • Money Moves Now on Mobile

    The secret to a budget that works is to have one that bends but doesn’t break. Here at YNAB, that means we Roll with the Punches, rob Peter to pay Paul, and WAM like we’re a 10-year old at the arcade for the first time. Just one problem: sometimes we move money in our budget …

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  • Can I Trust YNAB?

    The topic of YNAB privacy originally appeared on my weekly podcast. Data privacy is such an important topic that we decided to post it here for more people to read. We’re going to take a quick detour away from money management to talk about something equally important today—privacy.  It’s not that far off of our …

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  • YNAB Widgets Now on Mobile

    You’re about to go by your favorite coffee shop. But wait, how much do you have left in your coffee budget? You only have seconds to make the decision. You open your phone, scroll, tap, tap tap tap, scroll, scroll. Alas! The moment has passed. It took too long. No coffee for you. But now…BUT …

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  • How to Use YNAB's Targets

    Targets are at the heart of every successful budget, and now they’ve got some fresh new updates. Here’s the latest and greatest on those monthly targets that inform your every move. These changes will apply to any Target you set going forward, but if you already have your budget template set up, you won’t have …

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  • Pending Transactions Have Arrived!

    If you’re a direct import user, you are well aware of the black-box phenomenon of credit card transactions. You buy a Snuggie on Amazon, or a taco dinner at your favorite local spot and pay with your credit card. If you’re not entering transactions manually, you’ll swipe and promptly forget about that transaction…that is, until …

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  • YNAB Budget Reports: See Your Spending Trends

    Budget reports! Budget reports! Long live, budget reports! You want to slice and dice your financial data every which way? Check. You want a high-level view of how you’re doing? Done. You want to get down to the nitty gritty details of a particular category? Woot! You want colorful graphs and pie charts? Bam. We’ve …

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The Best Features in One Budget

Our goal is to make the best budget around. Experience the full power of the YNAB suite of features in a free 34-day trial. What are you waiting for?