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Budgeting Guides

Sometimes you just want to curl up and read everything there is to read about budgeting. We get it! Our Guides are the long and long of it. You’ll be an expert in no time!

  • How to Save More Money

    Learn how to set up your finances in a way that gives you more peace, more security, and a cushion to fall on when life hits you with a financial surprise. We’ll cover why you’re not saving money, how to successfully save, and how to level up your savings game.
  • How to Budget as a Couple

    Want to learn how to budget as a couple so you can stop fighting about money? Learn how to get on the same page with your money and become a team with your finances. This might be the cheapest couple’s counseling you’ll ever find!
  • How to Deal With Your Debt

    Prioritize your debts with a simple debt paydown plan, and learn a secret about how to get out of debt that no one really talks about. It will change everything! If you’re trying to get out of debt (and stay out), this is your complete guide.
  • How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

    The constant juggle of timing your bills and your paychecks? It’s exhausting. There is a missing piece to this puzzle, though. It’ll cause your stress to drop immediately and help you break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle forever.
  • Where Did My Money Go?

    You work hard for your money, and yet, you feel like there’s nothing to show for it. You may feel like your income should be enough, which makes it even more frustrating. Where does the money go? Learn how to get complete clarity with your finances.
  • Irregular Income

    It’s hard to feel in control of your finances when one month’s a feast and the next is a famine. Learn how to ride the roller coaster of variable income whether you’re self-employed, work on commission, are a teacher, or do gig work.
  • What is Budgeting?

    Budgeting isn’t about restrictive spending or living on rice and beans. It is, however, about making an intentional plan for your money that provides clarity and direction in your financial decisions. This guide covers budgeting basics, types of budgeting, and how to get started.
  • Simplify Your Finances

    Want to create a manageable system that brings clarity, peace, and direction to your finances? This guide covers ways to build effective money habits, how to simplify your financial setup, and why your current setup might be causing more stress than good.

More of a hands-on learner?

Join a 20-minute live Q&A and master the art of money management with the help of someone who has lived it. Our expert teachers have walked the budgeting walk and they are quick to share about it!