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Vacation and Travel

Jetsetters, campers, glampers, and wanderers—see our tips for getting closer to those far-away places.

Where Will You Go Next?

When you’re dreaming of an overwater bungalow, a cabin in the woods, or a sunny getaway by the beach, you know half of the fun is the planning and anticipating. 

It’s not just your Pinterest board that gets you dreaming. Your budget is the one that turns it into a tangible reality. Create categories for travel, fund your dream trips, and let your budget be the wind beneath your wings in your travel adventures.

Budget Tips for Travel & Vacation

  • How to Save for a Vacation

    So you’re dreaming of your next vacation: a cozy cabin getaway, or a wide-open sandy beach: something to just get you away from your current grind. The location is almost set, now you just need to save money to get you there.
  • Note To Self: Experiences > Things

    I was trying to save money. I really was. We could have just flown to Seattle. But in a rash moment, I thought I’d save some money and we’d make some memories by driving instead. But my math was quick and dirty and, as it turns out, wholly flawed and incomplete.
  • How One Family Manages to Budget for Travel

    Tina Ricks, a legal editor, and her husband Allen, a nurse, call Beaverton, Oregon, home. But it’s not necessarily where they hang their hats, if they can help it.

More on Budgeting for Travel…

  • How To Budget While On Vacation

    I had told you about how we just got back from Europe, and Sarah in the comments had asked: “How did you track your expenses while on vacation?” So my husband and I got to talking about it, and, using much of what he commented back to Sarah with, we came up with this post. While it’s …

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  • 2 Adults, 2 Kids, One Epic Vacation

    Sometimes, big dreams are accomplished by small ideas. In our case, a small idea turned into 15 months of daily choices and a constant focus on our budget, culminating in a pretty epic vacation. It all started one night, in February of 2017, when my wife and I had some friends over for dinner and …

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  • Are Credit Card Rewards Worth It?

    According to, nearly a third (29.2 percent) of Americans make credit card purchases simply to earn rewards. But, are the perks worth it? A quick Google search or visit to YNAB’s Facebook fan page indicates that, like with all things personal finance, it depends … If you’ve been eyeballing cards with cash back, points …

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Fund Your Jet-Setting Dreams!

Budgeting is not restrictive. You won’t be spending less, you’ll be spending right. So what do you have to lose? Except all that debt and stress?