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How We Budgeted for Disney World

I have the best job in the world. We get to teach people how to gain control of their money, reach their goals, fulfill their dreams, and improve the quality of their lives. It sounds cheesy, but it happens. Every. Day. It’s pretty powerful stuff. I have the best job.

For instance, take Lonna’s story:

I started using YNAB in the summer of 2013. We were already doing okay with money, but my spreadsheet wasn't cutting it when it came to saving and annual bills.

In short order, we tripled our net worth and were able to really make use of my husband's new job and larger salary. We paid off debts, saved for rainy days, funded the buffer, set up an emergency fund and started investing.

But without warning, in October of last year, my husband was laid off. I felt sick.

After the shock wore off, we sat down to make a plan. With YNAB, it took all of about 10 minutes. YNAB already had us living below our means, so we reduced our everyday expenses as much as possible and stopped contributing to savings and investments. Since we had a buffer, we knew we wouldn’t need to worry for a few months.

Two weeks ago, my husband started his new job. Because of YNAB, we got through what should have been a devastating experience:

  • We didn’t touch my husband’s  severance, unemployment or PTO payments. All this money is now sitting in a vacation fund—Disney World here we come!
  • We still enjoyed a modest—stress-free—Christmas, because I had already had a “rainy day” fund for the holidays.
  • When our cat became sick and passed away, we didn’t have to worry about the extra expenses, because we have a “rainy day” fund for our pets.
  • We learned that we can live on far less than we realized. And, to some degree, we will continue to do so and look forward to investing the difference.

Our friends were shocked, amazed and extremely curious as they watched how relaxed we were through the whole ordeal. I’m pretty sure several of them now use YNAB as a result!

It meant the world to us, to be able to take the time we needed to find the RIGHT job. We never thought he would lose his job. Being prepared, without even knowing we were preparing, was amazing! I can’t even put into words what it felt like. We will use YNAB for life!”

I am a man of many words (or so the YNAB team tells me), but our customers’ stories speak for themselves! Budgeting helps us handle what the future holds—whatever that may be.

Make your Disney dreams come true too! Try YNAB for free, no credit card required!

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How We Budgeted for Disney World