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Home Renovation

Keep costs under control on your next home improvement project.

Remodeling Can Be Unpredictable

You’ve got a vision, but visions can be expensive. Remodeling and home updates come in all shapes and sizes of price tags. You don’t want to end up underwater, but you also know the untapped potential of your space.

Our Top Home Reno Articles

  • Small Home Renovation Ideas That Make a Big Difference

    My first foray into post-divorce life involved a 500-square-foot, one-bedroom house…with two kids and a cat. Now, could I frame this experience as being part of the oh-so-cool tiny house living movement?
  • Home Renovation Budget Template

    When you’re about to embark on a home renovation, the cost of the project is more than just a minor detail. Here’s how to make a budget for your project and stay on track too! Home renovations come in a few flavors.
  • Sunroom Ideas on a Budget: See How We Did It

    So you need some sunroom ideas on a budget, eh? We did too! We built our sunroom on a budget of $15,000 all-in: here’s how we did it. When we moved into our home, it felt huge. And to us, it was!

More on Home Renovation…

  • Before and After House Remodel Pics & Tips

    Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse. No commute? Amazing! Pets and babies interrupting meetings? Funny every single time! An “anything goes” dress code? Yes, I am wearing a button-up shirt with sweatpants and it looks quite nice, thank you.  Here at YNAB, the whole team works from home. And although …

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  • How to Pay for Home Renovations: Cash-Only Edition

    Wondering how to pay for home renovations? A lot of people are making the decision to skip moving in favor of renovating their existing home to better suit their lives, but the cost can make that project an intimidating prospect. If you’re looking around at your neighbors’ new upgrades and wondering, “How on earth do …

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  • How to Remodel a House on a Budget

    Let’s face it: Chip and Joanna Gaines have inspired a lot of daydreaming about our Fixer Upper fantasies. We’ve graduated beyond our Pinterest projects, surpassed our Marie Kondo phase, flirted with The Home Edit, and now we want more. We want to tear down walls and build porches. We want a kitchen island big enough …

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  • The Best Way to Pay for Home Improvements

    Having a baby is one of the most expensive life changes that many of us will go through in our lives. Between the actual medical expenses you rack up in childbirth and the cost of raising a child, it’s enough to instill a little (or a lot) of financial anxiety in even the most zen-like …

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Budget for a More Peaceful Project

Try making a project budget in YNAB for free! No credit card required. Oh, and we promise—no shame, no guilt if you go for the expensive fixtures.