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Realize Your Homeowner Dreams

You want a house, but that seemingly impossible pile of cash you need for a downpayment is standing in your way. The good news? A budget can help.

How Do You Save for a Down Payment?

While you’re eagerly devouring every new home alert from Zillow, there’s just one minor question: how do you actually make it happen?

There’s the seemingly insurmountable down payment, but then there’s closing costs, moving boxes, and what if you need to replace a roof? You just want a place to call your own, but you don’t know if you’ll ever be able to save enough.

We Thought Home Ownership Would Never Happen

A year prior, Jacob and his partner had nothing saved for a home, and now they have $30K. They make good money, but it never seemed to accumulate into a pile big enough for a down payment. Then with a simple three-step plan, it all changed.

  • We Saved $30k in One Year

    Homeownership feels more within reach than ever. The best part? We didn’t do anything particularly special.”

    —Jacob and Conner

Our Top Articles on Buying a Home

  • How to Save for a Down Payment

    You’ve poured over Zillow. You’ve cruised through every street of your favorite neighborhood and know the houses by memory. There’s just one problem standing between you and your greige-walled homeowner dreams…how can you save enough money to cover a down payment?
  • How Much House Can I Afford?

    Mortgage calculators might spit out what seem to be concrete numbers, but they can’t account for all those squishier factors: can you still reach all your financial goals with this new mortgage payment you’re thinking about? We’ll walk you through it.
  • How to Budget for Buying a House

    Make your home ownership dreams come true and turbocharge your savings with the help of a humble budget. See how a budget can help you lay out your spending priorities and build up your down payment in record time.

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Stop Treading Water on Savings

Start building momentum and finally get the house you’ve been dreaming of. Saving for a house is easier with YNAB. Try it free today—no credit card required!