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Babies Are Cute, But Not Cheap

Babies can be bundles of joy: but rumor has it those wiggly little creatures come with a few added costs.

You’re Having a Baby! But How Do You Prepare Financially?

You’re excited, nervous, and trying to figure out what to expect. You’ve learned a few new swaddling methods, painted the nursery, and picked out names.

It’s always in the back of your mind: between delivery costs, baby gear, childcare, and potentially reduced income, you know there are costs involved. While you know it’ll all work out (it will), it would be nice to feel a little more in control of the money side of parenthood.

We Started Our Budget While at the Hospital Having a Baby

Jessica and Ryan are both teachers raising a family. They made enough money to get by, but didn’t have a lot leftover. They started using YNAB while Jessica was delivering their third child, and since that fateful day they’ve been able to pay off debt, renovate their house in cash, and make date nights out a regular part of their schedule.

  • Now We Have Enough for Date Nights!

    It was so freeing to know that the money was there just for date night and I didn’t need to worry that it should be going for diapers or groceries. Our budget actually gave us permission to go out and have fun!”

    -Jessica Fisher

Our Top Articles on Budgeting for a Baby

  • How to Budget for a Baby

    How to Budget for a Baby

    It seems like life’s to-do list grows exponentially once you find out your own little bundle of joy is on the way, and feeling like a bundle of cash is necessary to finance this having-a-person project only adds to that anxiety. First of all, breathe. You’ll make it work.
  • Prepare for income change

    How to Prepare for an Income Change

    When you found out you were pregnant, perhaps your mind went straight to planning mode: how would you handle childcare? Did you need full-time care? Would someone stay home? See how to handle a reduction in family income.
  • How to Set Up a Baby Budget in YNAB

    Here’s how to financially prepare for baby costs so you can feel a little more in control during this time. We’ll walk through different category setups and expenses you might want to consider in your planning during pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

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Get Financial Clarity for Your Next Chapter

Gain total control of your money to have less financial stress when your bundle of joy arrives. You can try YNAB free for 34 days. No credit card required.