Truth Time: Things I'm Glad My Budget Doesn't Track

When we enter our transactions faithfully, our budgets become a source of truth about our spending—and that data can be pretty telling about life in general.

(Like that time I spent $28 to have ice cream delivered to my house? Yeah, I was going through some stuff, there’s no need to bring it up now. Let’s move on.)

Although that information can be extremely helpful when it comes to analyzing financial trends and adjusting behavior accordingly—yes, I could have driven one mile to the store and saved roughly $21—sometimes the accompanying reality check feels more like an NFL-caliber tackle than a reassuring hug.

Accountability hurts a little.

So, we started thinking about all of the things we’re glad our budgets don’t track. Here’s what Instagram had to offer:

Things I'm Glad My Budget Doesn't Track: 
Time spent watching 90 Day Fiance
How much candy I sneak eat around my kids 
My abysmal sleep habits
Screen time
The number of trips to the fridge for an ice cream sandwich
The amount of time spent on social media
Screen time
How many Oreos I eat in a day
How often I impulse buy snacks in line at Trader Joe's
How much time I waste on social media!
My naps
What I eat
Time spent on TikTok
The hours I watch Hulu
What I'm actually eating
My negative self-talk when I spend money, even from funded categories
The amount of time spent looking at my budget
The amount of times I WAM
How often I think about getting take out
My procrastination
My sleep
How many times I think about spending my budget on only coffee and books
My eating habits
How many times I ask my cats to stop attacking our plants before moving them
If I told you, I would have to kill you
The stock market
The number of times I check my YNAB Budget
How much bread I consume
How often I don't exercise
How many hours I spend watching Netflix or scrolling social media 
How many times I move money into my fun money category because I underfund
Calories on my take out and dining out categories
Gym time
How many times I reach into the kids' snack cabinet
Time spent messing with my budget
Books bought at supermarkets
Hours of Netflix
My afternoon chocolate and chips intake
How many french fries I feed my dog
My random FB marketplace sellings. Hello extra fun money
My Netflix hours watched
Screen time
Time on Instagram
How much coffee I drink every morning
My sleep
How many times I look up flights but don't buy tickets
What I actually put in my online cart

Go ahead and enjoy your untracked indulgences, friends. No one has to know!

And keep budgeting—it’s good for you! (Unlike $28 ice cream deliveries.)