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Ashley McCann

Content Marketing Manager at YNAB

Ashley brings a powerhouse of skills to the YNAB team with a background in writing, journalism, and SEO wizardry. After spending far too long blaming the mysteries of math for her money problems, Ashley discovered YNAB (way back in the days of Whiteboard Wednesday) and learned to think about money as a possibility instead of a problem. Now she manages YNAB's team of accomplished writers and collaborates on messaging and content strategy in an effort to help others experience less financial stress.

When she's not rearranging the alphabet, defending the honor of the Oxford comma, and abusing alliteration, Ashley spends her days in South Florida meeting the many (many) needs of her cats and trying to convince her two young adult sons that her job is legitimate work, despite looking like so much fun.

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Is an impromptu trip to Italy irresponsible? Not always. Learn how YNAB helped one woman organize her finances in a way that offered new opportunities.

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Share four rules that your mom passed on to you as a framework for living a meaningful life for a chance to win $100.

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Download our printable workbook to help you set up a cash envelope system. We also have an easier digital alternative for managing money!

Best Personal Finance App for Couples

Looking for the best budgeting app for couples? YNAB's money management method will change your relationship with money (and each other!)

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Looking for a budgeting app to replace Mvelopes? YNAB is a similar zero-based envelope budgeting system. Learn how these two apps are alike!

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We teamed up with eharmony to survey people to learn how finances affect relationships. See what the results say about love and money.