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A How-Not-To: The Money Confessional

Our budget is intended to serve as a source of truth, our North Star of spending, the fire alarm that warns of financial inferno, the seismograph of—okay, yes, I’m taking the metaphor too far but there’s (thankfully) not nearly enough drama in day-to-day budgeting, so let’s have our HBO Original moment here so that we can move on.

Anyway, even the most true-blue budgeter has their off days. And although we’re technically only cheating ourselves when we cheat on our budget, some of us have mastered the skill of creating enough wiggle room to sneak a little treat.

So out of morbid curiosity, we asked our social media followers to share the best of their bad budgeting behavior—not as a how-to (read that part again!) but as a nod to the fact that budgets that can’t bend are more likely to break and a reminder that we’re all human.

There should be no shame in the treat yo’self game, so go ahead and let yourself feel like you’re getting away with something from time to time (but not all of the time).

Here’s a round-up of your best worst budget hacks, you sneaky spenders:

Interesting stuff! Also, I think we’ve finally solved the mystery of why the grocery category is everyone’s wild card of expenses.

Thanks for sharing and, as always, we’re just happy you’re budgeting.

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A How-Not-To: The Money Confessional