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YOUR YNAB spending personality quiz RESULTS

You are a Visionary

“Every spending decision is a step toward the life I want.”

Hey, Visionary!

For you, there’s nothing better than that caught-up-on-laundry, dishwasher-unloaded, gas-in-the-tank feeling—and in the money world, you get joy and satisfaction out of knowing exactly where your dollars are going! Visionaries are the architects of their financial future. You see money as a building block for your ambitious plans. Goal-oriented and strategic, you’re always thinking several steps ahead, turning dreams like your next vacation into actionable goals. With a knack for seeing the big picture, you balance long-term aspirations with smart, immediate choices. While you might get caught up looking into your crystal ball at times, your ability to plan and foresee is your superpower in money management.

Tip #1: Communicating with your Partner

Spending Synergy Tips

When you're diving into those big financial dreams with your partner, don't forget to let them in on the 'why' behind your goals. It's all about striking a balance between your future-focused vision and the present joys.

This is especially key with partners like Joy-Seekers, who live for spontaneity. Share your master plan with clarity and enthusiasm, but also keep an open mind to their ideas of fun and impromptu spending. It's a dance of dreams and delight!

Tip #2: Grow in your role
Supercharge Your Synergy
With a laser-like focus on the future, you may miss out on the joy of spontaneity. Leave room in your life for delivery service when you don’t feel like cooking and accepting invitations on a whim.
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Money Mantra
“Every spending decision is a step toward the life I want.”

Famous Visionaries

Jessica Alba
Actress and co-founder of The Honest Company,  focused on ethical and sustainable products
Sundar Pichai
CEO of Google, instrumental in the company's innovative and strategic growth
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Revolutionized musical theater with innovative productions like “Hamilton”
Sheryl Sandberg
COO of Facebook, recognized for her forward-thinking and goal-setting

TIP #3: YOUR Natural Money Role

The Strategic Investor

As a Visionary, your role is like the chief strategist of your financial journey. In your relationship, you're likely the one who enjoys mapping out long-term financial goals and finding savvy ways to reach them—you’ve been known to sell a thing or two from your garage when working toward a goal. Your strengths lie in forecasting, planning for future investments, and setting up funds for life's big moments. By sharing your vision and integrating your partner’s wishlist, you can create a spending plan that builds toward the future without having to live on rice and beans in the present.

Tip #4: YNAB Category Inspiration

Align your spending and priorities

  • Wish Upon a Star: Allocate funds for long-term goals like property, education, or starting a business.
  • Innovation Investments: Dollars dedicated to personal growth, courses, or inspiring side-hustle ideas.
  • Spontaneous Joys: A little buffer for those last-minute concert tickets and road trips.

Ready to do a deep dive exploration into your finances and feelings?

Check out our Change Your Money Mindset workbook and email series to organize your finances, clarify your goals and priorities, and explore the “why” behind your spending.

Spending personality quiz

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