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YOUR YNAB spending personality quiz RESULTS

You are a Nurturer

“Wealth is measured by the happiness I bring to others.”

Hey, Nurturer!

We see you over there with your generous tendencies and helper mentality. To you, money isn't just currency; it's a tool for kindness and care. You're all about supporting loved ones and causes close to your big heart. Pragmatic yet compassionate, you find creative ways to make your resources count for others. Your financial decisions are often led by empathy, making you the go-to person for friends in need. (You might receive Venmo requests for pizza out of nowhere!) While careful not to overextend, you get joy from seeing your money make a real difference, one act of kindness at a time.

Tip #1: Communicating with your Partner

Spending Synergy Tips

Nurturer, you're the heart and soul of any money conversation! When chatting with your partner, especially if they march to a different financial drum, remember to communicate the deep values and heartfelt reasons behind your spending.

Be open about the joy and satisfaction you get from your generous choices, while also being receptive to their ideas about saving, planning—and even the occasional splurge. It's about finding that sweet spot where caring meets compromise.

Tip #2: Grow in your role
Supercharge Your Synergy
Your empathetic and generous nature may cause you to overlook your personal needs. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup!
Large decorative opening quotation marks
Money Mantra
“Wealth is measured by the happiness I bring to others.”

Famous Nurturers

Oprah Winfrey
Known for her philanthropy and empathy
Keanu Reeves
Notoriously generous, often donating significant portions of his earnings
Taylor Swift
Often engages in acts of personal and public generosity
Angelina Jolie
Renowned for her humanitarian efforts and charity work

TIP #3: YOUR Natural Money Role

The Compassionate Allocator

A shared money plan should reflect your values—this is where you shine! You might add new categories for charities, family support, or community projects. Your instinct for nurturing can help balance your partner's financial perspectives, bringing a sense of warmth and humanity to money management. Whether you fly YNAB solo or with a partner, you can find ways to make your money not only work for you but also do good for others.

Tip #4: YNAB Category Inspiration

Align your spending and priorities

  • Heartfelt Giving: Tailored for your charitable donations, acts of kindness, or showing support to a friend.

  • Community Cheer: Save for community events, local support, or volunteering activities.
  • Family First Fund: Set aside resources for family assistance and nurturing loved ones.

Ready to do a deep dive exploration into your finances and feelings?

Check out our Change Your Money Mindset workbook and email series to organize your finances, clarify your goals and priorities, and explore the “why” behind your spending.

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