How to Pay Off $52,000 in Student Loans in Just 21 Months

”Even though it’s uncomfortable, you can choose to have joy along the way.”

Jonathan and Miranda were college sweethearts with $52k in student loans. This is the story of how they paid off their student loans in just 21 months … and started their family.

They thought hard about the difference between needs and wants, worked overtime, and found creative ways to make more money. And their sacrifice paid off. Now, they have a brighter future and can give to others the way they always wanted to.

Miranda said, “Being able to contribute to the people that we love and causes that we believe in has been really wonderful because that feels so far away when you have a debt payment.”

Find out more about how they crushed their debt by tuning in to this episode of Debt Stories:

Get this episode’s transcript here.

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How to Pay Off $52,000 in Student Loans in Just 21 Months