Sydney’s Family Paid off $15k of Debt in Six Months

“I finally signed up for the free trial of YNAB, and it just made all the difference.”

When Sydney and her husband faced a year and a half without income, they did what they had to do to support themselves and their two young sons. Luckily, they had some savings, but they also leaned on their credit card. Once her husband was employed, again, Sydney was shocked to realize that they were $15,000 in credit card debt. That’s when she turned to YNAB.

Sydney said, “I actually knew about YNAB because I had a friend on Facebook that just raved about it all the time … I kept thinking, as soon as we have an income, I really want to try out this YNAB thing … I wish I would have just signed up for it back then—it would have really helped us during that period of time.”

And six months after starting YNAB? No more debt! Listen to this episode of Debt Stories to hear more:

Get this episode’s transcript here.

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Sydney’s Family Paid off $15k of Debt in Six Months