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Lindsey Burgess

Chief Marketing Officer at YNAB

Lindsey Bickel Burgess is the Chief Marketing Officer at YNAB. She started her career at YNAB establishing the always-friendly, often hilarious YNAB voice, and you’ll still find her writing about the relatable side of budgeting when she’s not managing the swelling ranks of the marketing team. When she’s not working, you’ll find her sipping Diet Coke and laying out the plans for renovating the next room of her house.

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Hey YNABers, Meet Blurple!

Take a tour of YNAB's new makeover.

Academic New Year Resolutions

Oh, you didn’t know academic new year resolutions were a thing? They should be. Actually, as of right this second, they are. Here's the plan.

YNAB Budget Reports: See Your Spending Trends

Want to slice and dice your budget every which way? Want a high-level view of your finances? Done and done. See your YNAB budget reports.

Financial Fireworks: Happy 4th of July

It's 4th of July! And it's your patriotic duty to sing along to our budget edition parody of Katy Perry's Firework.

13 Things They Don’t Teach You in School

While you learn a lot in college, it doesn't prepare you for everything. Here are 13 important things they didn't teach you in school.

How to Build Credit at 18 Years Old

Trying to figure out how to build credit at 18? The best thing you can do to help kids build credit is to teach money management by example.

Buying a House in an Expensive Area: A Love Story

When COVID hit, my priorities changed. And me? I decided buying a house I loved in an expensive area was a priority. I don't regret it.

Financial Intimacy: The Budget Meeting Date Night

A regular Budget Meeting Date Night, is a chance to evaluate whether or not your money is still aligned with your priorities.

How to Pay Off 100k+ in Student Loans

Mitchel had over 100K in student loans and it made him sick to his stomach. After a very brief moment of wallowing, he got to work.

My Kids Will Not Be Home Today: On the Mental Weight We Carry

This season was HARD. At some point, I forgot what it felt to feel any other way than frustrated I wasn’t as productive as I planned to be...

How YNAB Started: The Origin Story

Nothing like a good origin story: how all the pieces add up to today's reality. I’m biased, of course, but YNAB’s is one of my favorites ...

The Best Budgeting App for College Students

What’s the best budgeting app for college students? The answer is...whichever one you’ll stick with. Try YNAB free for a year to find out!