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Hey YNABers, Meet Blurple!

We’re excited to show off our glow-up—dive right in and check it out!

Okay, spoiler alert: we’ve had a little makeover. And by little, I mean… well, you’ll see.

I know what you might be thinking: "Change? Why change?!" But, as we near our 20th year helping folks like you reshape their money mindsets, we thought: what if we updated our look to make it feel even more “us”?

We’ve always been about celebrating your victories—every aha moment, every story shared, every milestone smashed. And that's not changing. Our goal is to create a world where your money feels less like a looming storm cloud and more like a bright and sunny day—full of possibilities. A world where you aren’t just frittering away your life’s energy in the form of dollars, but you’re actually celebrating the outflows of your hard-earned cash—you’re loving the special treats, the added houseplants, the Disney cruises, heck, you even love your partner’s growing insulated water bottle collection!

We wanted our vibe to reflect what you might have known about YNAB all along—that something as simple as an app and a method was the tool that finally empowered you to change your relationship with money. Where finances might have felt confusing or stressful before, now you’re in the driver’s seat feeling confident, content, and secure with your spending decisions.

To us, that confidence looks *bolder* than our prior look. And in a more obvious celebration of our community—that’s YOU!—we wanted a brand that could showcase your real stories in a more genuine way.   

Curious what that looks like? Keep on reading (and watching) and we’ll give you a tour!

Dive into The New YNAB Look

Meet Blurple: Let us introduce you to our swanky new blurple logo. Blue? Purple? No, blurple! It’s our fresh pop of color, your new sidekick in the app, your email buddy, and your homepage hero.

A Cohesive Look From Website to App: We’re thrilled, just thrilled, to say that when someone sees the website and then opens the app, the colors are the same! It’s like a Canadian tuxedo! Oh, you never noticed they were different? Oh, um, forget we ever said anything. 

Website Glow-Up: Sure, our app got a fresh new coat of paint. But our website? That got the whole house remodel. Easier to navigate, more delightful to read, and a cleaner navigation so you can find what you need, when you need it. While you're there, have a little hunt for a few fun interactive Easter eggs our designers snuck in.

YNAB More Accessible Than Ever: We’ve brought in testers with an eye for color accessibility and we’ve even added a new feature in this launch that adds an option for increased contrast levels in category balances to make it easier for the most frequently occurring form of color blindness to quickly differentiate between spending pills.

The Faces of YNAB: Our brand now shines a brighter spotlight on YOU, our YNAB community. Expect more real people, real photos, and real stories because, let’s face it, you’re the real MVPs.

Hello, Wish Farm Font: For those with a keen eye, we’ve got a fresh font. We call it Wish Farm, and yes, we had as much fun naming it as we did creating it.

At the heart of it, YNAB is and always will be about you. Yes, we’re raving about fonts and logos here, but it's the community—the stories, the triumphs, the growth—that makes YNAB what it is.

Thanks for being with us, every step of the way. Let’s make YNAB’s next 20 years even better.

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Hey YNABers, Meet Blurple!