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This is what the future holds, but if you’d rather see what we’ve launched in the past, check out our release notes.

Up Next With YNAB
Up Next With YNAB

In Progress Category Wizard

We’re bringing a bit of ✨ magic ✨ to getting started with your first YNAB budget! More specifically, we’re working on a new category wizard that will help new users set up their first budget more quickly and in a way that’s representative of their unique priorities. Abracadabra! 🪄

Released Simplified Transaction Approvals and Bulk Editing

Attention, savvy spenders! We’re turbocharging the YNAB web interface to make transaction processing and bulk editing a breeze. Now, when you select transactions, just the right editing options will appear right before your eyes. And that’s not all! You can even launch these options with a simple right-click on any transaction or selection. Stay in touch with your spending, make bulk edits, and get back to living the good life. 😎 

Released Focused Views

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your budget thinking, “This is a lot of categories! I wish I could just see the ones I want to focus on right now.” Well, if that’s you, then YNAB is your new Christina Aguilera-style-genie-in-a-bottle-baby. With Focused Views, you’ll be able to create customized views of your budget surfacing only the categories that you (and your partner!) want to see, when you want to see them. We’re also building a few handy “presets” to zoom in on categories with money available, or those that are underfunded, overfunded or 😱overspent.

Focused Views will help you cut through the noise, elevate what’s important, make decisions, involve your partner, or slice and dice your budget in a way that only you could dream up. We can’t wait to hear about the amazing custom views that you’ll create.

Released Predictive Category Suggestions  

We get it; your Costco haul is Skyr today and Dawn tomorrow. We can’t reduce your trips to the store, but we can reduce the time it takes to categorize transactions. Our new interface will suggest the most likely category options from your budget based on your transaction history (say…🍎 🍎 Groceries, 🧼🧼 Cleaning Supplies, and—let’s be honest—🤷 🤷 Stuff I Forgot to Budget For). Make peace with the shopping; make short work of the categorizing.

Released Mobile Loan Planner Enhancements

We’ve delivered a brand new pie chart visualization to help you track loan payoff on your mobile device. The new overview tab gives you an aerial glimpse at paydown progress and activity, helping you make decisions about how to slay your loans over time.

Released Mobile Transaction Entry Screen Design Updates

We’re working on a host of changes to the transaction entry screens on both Android and iOS that will increase learnability and reduce frustration for new users, and inspire delight for everyone. To be specific, we’ve redesigned the toggle that controls whether a transaction is an inflow or an outflow, the presentation of information when adding a brand new transaction, and the look and feel of the screen as a whole. We’ll be rolling out these changes in waves so if you use YNAB on a mobile device, keep your eyes peeled.

Released Set Custom Names for Transaction Flags on Android

We’re working on an update to bring custom flag names to Android! Give each flag a useful name like “Health Care” or “Tax deductible” or, well, just about anything. This feature is available now on the web & in the YNAB iOS app.

Released Create New Budget Categories on the Fly on iOS

You adapt quickly and your budget should, too! We’re working on an update that allows you to create new budget categories on the fly while entering transactions on iOS. Soon, when you spend in a category that doesn’t yet exist, you’ll be able to add it without leaving the transaction entry flow.

Released YNAB Together

Partners shouldn’t have to share passwords. Parents shouldn’t have to share financial details with teenagers just because they want them to learn the YNAB method. These are just a couple of the reasons we’re releasing YNAB Together, our solution to partners, families, and other close-knit groups (of up to six people) who want to harness YNAB for the big win, together. With this release, you can choose to share budgets or budget separately, and each member gets their own YNAB account and login—all for the price of a single subscription!

Released Set Custom Names for Transaction Flags on Web & iOS

Transaction flags just got a whole lot more versatile. This update allows you to give each flag a useful name like “Health Care” or “Tax deductible” or, well, just about anything! This enhancement also improves the accessibility of transaction flags by pairing each color with a customizable text label. This feature is coming to Android soon!

Released Collapse & Expand ALL Category Groups

That’s right, now you can collapse or expand all of your category groups in quick succession (not just one by one). Here’s to less tapping and clicking and a more focused budget view! 🎉

Released Editable Interest in Loan Accounts

We’re working on improvements that will let you edit the interest and principal amounts on your loan payments in case our estimates are off!

Released Direct Import Enhancements

We’re making big changes to our Direct Import infrastructure to enhance the connection troubleshooting process and in turn improve the likelihood that bank/financial institution connections will be stable and reliable. In the process, we’re also adding support for linking banks from multiple regions to the same budget, i.e. if you have bank accounts in both the US/Canada and the UK/EU you’ll no longer have to choose just one to link. Gotta catch link ‘em all!!!

Released Hidden category improvements on Android

Unhiding categories and category groups will soon be easier on Android! With this improvement you’ll be able to select individual categories or groups and unhide with fewer taps. Those pesky confirmation dialogues won’t get in your way any longer, either.

Released Collapse (& Expand) Category Groups on Mobile

Soon that endless scrolling will be a thing of the past: collapsible category groups are coming to both iOS and Android mobile apps!

Released Overspent Filter on Web

The Overspent Categories filter that many of you know from the YNAB mobile app is coming to the web app! This will operate in much the same way on both platforms: clicking on the banner will show only overspent categories in your budget, and you can cover overspending from this view as well.

Released Equation Keys for Transaction Entry on Android

We all know math is hard, but soon, equation keys on the Android app’s transaction entry screen keypad will make adding (no pun intended, ok just kidding it was totally intended) transactions on the fly even faster and easier.

Released In-App Dark Mode Control on Mobile

Our iOS and Android apps will soon let you override your device-wide light/dark theme from within the YNAB app. Soon the power of night and day will be in your control 🎉…in the YNAB mobile app at least.

Released Budget-Wide Auto Assign Options on Mobile

More functionality for auto assigning your dollars in the mobile apps is on the way! Soon, more of the auto-assign options you’re used to in the web app will be available for budget-wide auto assigning on mobile, too.

Released Direct Import Support for the UK and EU

You heard that right. We’ve started the process of adding Direct Import support for select UK and EU banks and financial institutions.

Released Reconciliation on Android

Ensuring that your account balances in YNAB match your account balances at your financial institutions is key to budgeting success. Android users (at long last!) will soon have the ability to reconcile their accounts on the go, no desktop required.

Released YNAB Wellness

Run a business? Own a business? Work at a business? Soon any organization will be able to provide YNAB—award-winning software that works hand-in-hand with our proven method—to their entire team. We’re excited to bring all the perks that come with better financial wellness into the workplace!

Released Pending Transactions on Android

Full support for pending transactions on Android is on the way. You’ll be able to see your spending much sooner than before, without the transactions affecting your budget until you say so.

Released Loan Account Management

We’re working hard at improving how to manage tracking accounts and loans in YNAB! You’ll be able to track your payment progress over time, set realistic targets to pay down all your loans, and visualize your overall plan. We will also provide some insight into how much interest you’ll pay over the life of your loan and show you how much you can save when you pay a little extra.

Released Progress Bars on Mobile

Progress bars are now available on the mobile apps! These handy data visualizations show you everything from how close you are to reaching your goals to tracking how much you’ve spent relative to how much you have available in each category. They can be turned on or off as needed, just like the web app.

Released First Time User Experience Improvements

Goodbye infamous YNAB learning curve: the first time user experience has had an overhaul! As part of this project, we released design updates to the mobile apps along with a number of new features on web and mobile to make budgeting more responsive and efficient for both new and longtime YNABers alike. A handful of key terminology changes also helps YNAB better meets new users’ expectations (YNAB now incorporates language that we all actually use in real life! 💡).

Released Reconciliation for iOS

Ensuring that your account balances in YNAB match your account balances at your financial institutions is key to budgeting success. iOS users will soon have the ability to reconcile their accounts on the go, no desktop required! Android users, we haven’t forgotten about you, hold tight just a bit longer.

Released Money Moves

Moving money is the secret sauce of YNAB and core to Rule Three: Roll With The Punches. We want to make it easier to learn from those moves and communicate better with a partner about those moves. You are now able to see a history of movements between categories across all your devices! Learn more here.

Released Progress Bars on Web

We’ve been working on a brand new data visualization for each of your budget categories: a progress bar that shows you everything from how close you are to reaching your goals to tracking how much you’ve spent relative to how much you have available in each category. This feature will be web only at first, but progress bars are coming to the mobile apps soon, too!

Released OAuth

Users of Direct Import, rejoice! OAuth is on its way. What’s the big deal with OAuth you ask? More connection stability and enhanced security. Available for select institutions soon with many more to come.

Released Pending Transactions

Pending transactions for supported institutions are on their way! You’ll be able to see your spending much sooner than before, without the transactions affecting your budget until you say so.

Released Themes, Themes, Themes!

We’re adding themes to the web app! There’s a new default theme and a dark version too. If you’d rather stick with the classic look, that’s an option as well.

Released Resizable Sidebar

This might seem small, but we know it’s a big thing for some of you. Say goodbye to truncated account names, and you’ll also be able to shrink the sidebar down for those reconciliation sessions.

Released Weekly and Repeating Goals

Goals got a big upgrade. These improvements have been in the works for a while, and they aren’t the final word on helping you set targets for spending or keeping track of progress as you go… 😉

Released Sign In with Apple

Customers have been able to sign up for YNAB with Google for a while. Now it’s Apple’s turn!

Released App Maintenance

The new year is one of our busiest times (2020 resolutions, you know?) so we always dedicate some extra effort toward ensuring our servers don’t melt. So far so good!

Released Multitasking, Slide Over, and Portrait Orientation

Get ready for a productivity boost because our iPad app is ready to support any screen size you throw at it! Open your banking app on one side and YNAB on the other. Or slide over your Amazon order list and figure out what the $5.49 purchase was for.

Released Running Balance

One of our most popular feature requests is on its way to the web! Soon you’ll have the option to turn on a running balance column in your transaction list—it’s great for tracking down issues and comparing against your bank statement.

Released iOS 13 Dark Mode

Long live late night budgeting sessions! We’re making YNAB a little easier on the eyes by introducing Dark Mode for iOS (and making a few improvements to Light Mode along the way).

Released iOS 13 Preparations

iOS 13 introduces some great new features and we are looking into the ones that make the most sense for our customers.

Released Mobile Search

Soon you’ll be able to search for transactions in the mobile apps. We’re starting with iOS. Android will follow shortly after.

Released Two-Factor Authentication

Security is always top-of-mind here at YNAB so we knew that two-factor authentication was up next after adding biometric authentication to the mobile apps.

Released Zapier Integration

Use Zapier to connect YNAB with 1,500+ apps and unleash your budgeting superpowers.

Released Passcode and Biometric Authentication

We’re adding passcode and biometric authentication to our mobile apps, and we’re hoping you’ll love this feature once you’re able to get your hands on it and take a look.

Released In-App Learning Materials

We have great learning resources but we think we can do a better job surfacing them in the mobile apps. Now it’ll be easier to get help right when you need it most.