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Web Release Notes: September 3, 2019

Release Notes

We all make mistakes (not the best way to start off release notes, to be honest). We’ve all went to pull the clothes out of the washing machine, only to realize that we put our bright, red shirt in with the whites, totally destroying a load of clothes. But what if there were someone there to prompt us just before we were about to make a big mistake? That would be helpful, right?

Today’s release includes a mistake failsafe prompt anytime a user goes in to delete 15 or more transactions. If you totally meant to do that, click “Delete,” and we’ll get to that deletion process. But, if it was a mistake, you can back out (by clicking “Cancel”) before you lose all that transaction data.

API News

  • What’s in a name? A lot, especially if two different things have the same name. In this release, the special “To be Budgeted” category returned on /budgets/:id/categories endpoint has been renamed to “Inflows”. This is to differentiate it from to_be_budgeted on /budgets/:id/months endpoint. These two values are related but different. The “To be Budgeted” amount at the top of a budget month is reduced by cash overspending in a prior month and any future budgeting. But don’t worry, that “To be Budgeted” that we renamed as “Inflows” will smell as sweet.
  • Previously the /budgets/:id/months and /budgets/:id/months/:id endpoints would sometimes return months outside of the first_month and last_month (the “budget window,” as we call it) of the budget. Well, we fixed that and now the returned data is more of a budget window than a budget sliding glass door.