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Web Release Notes: September 27, 2018

Release Notes

Nothing much to talk about in this release. At least nothing specific. Sorry. OK, maybe we’ll just list a few to give the illusion of substance to this release. And fair warning, if you’ve read this far you’re in on the ruse, thus ceding the moral high ground along with the rest of us. Let’s agree not to judge each other. Anyway, here are the things going out in this release that don’t warrant mentioning:

  • More gracefully handle the scenario where the user has no budgets. You have to work to get yourself into this situation though, because we create a default budget for you when you first sign up. Not a widely encountered issue, but fixed nonetheless.
  • Round some rough edges of the account widget build script.
  • Feature-flagged features we’ll announce later, once they’re more widely released and proven effective.
  • Remove a feature flag that’s been ramped to 100%.
  • Add some preparatory Direct Import plumbing that currently does nothing but will eventually.
  • And that’s it! It looks like a big deal when you throw a lot of words at it.