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Web Release Notes: September 25, 2018

Release Notes

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • It’s now easier to approve or reject imported transactions. When you click the “View” button next to the the transactions-need-approval message, we now not only filter for those transactions needing approval, we walk you through each, asking if you want to approve or reject. It’s quick and reduces friction. We’ll call it a win.
  • The “% of Total” values were missing from the Spending report tooltips. Fixed.
  • We now hide the payee dropdown until you add your first payee. Not much use in showing you an empty list.
  • Fixed an issue where the month name wasn’t showing up in some of the copy in the budget header.
  • Transfer payees now respect the sort order you’ve defined.
  • Searching for “payments” or “transfers” will match the transfer payee list.

API News

  • Budgeting is now supported with the newPATCH support added to the
    /budgets/{budget_id}/months/{month}/categories/{category_id} endpoint.
    Zum Beispiel:

     curl -i -X PATCH \ \
       -H "Authorization: Bearer c1326058-972a-FAKE-64cfa9975f26" \
       -H "accept: application/json" \
       -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
       -d "{ \"month_category\": { \"budgeted\": 394595 } }"

  • The create and update transaction endpoints now support transfers by specifying a payee_id of a transfer payee (i.e. a payee with a non-null transfer_account_id).
  • For convenience, we’ve also added a new field on the Account model called transfer_payee_id, which is the payee_id to use when transferring to that account.
  • You can now create multiple transactions on the POST /budgets/{budget_id}/transactions endpoint by passing a transactions array in the payload. You can still create a single transaction with this endpoint by passing a transaction object.