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Web Release Notes: September 18, 2018

Release Notes

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • When adding a transaction to a cash account, we now default the transaction to be cleared. One less click for those of us who use cash and one more click for those with an intricate multi-wallet cash clearing system.
  • Previously in manage payees, you could auto-categorize a payee to be Inflow: To be Budgeted. We (royally) broke that in a recent update but now we (royally) have fixed that with a proper regression test.
  • If you had a transaction categorized, then hid that category, editing that transaction would recommend creating that hidden category. Now it doesn’t.
  • We now prevent an edge case scenario that triggered multiple syncs of your Direct Import connections concurrently, when (in a movie voice) there should be only one.
  • We also now prevent autofocusing on the account type when adding an unlinked account on mobile, which is a bit forced behavior on mobile since it triggers the dropdown for selection right away.