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Web Release Notes: September 17, 2019

Release Notes

Whether you’re curious about how credit cards are handled in YNAB or if you’re looking for the best way to do a Fresh Start, we want you to find the information you’re looking for when you need it. While you can always reach out to our top notch Support team for answers, you can also find the information through this fancy, little, blue question mark in the corner of the web app:

This is “Beacon”…think of it as a more useful, less-annoying version of Clippy. Remember how Clippy used to follow you around in late 90’s Microsoft Office products asking you if you know what a pivot table is? Well, Beacon won’t hassle you about errors in your formulas or send you down an apocalyptic nightmare rabbit hole trying to figure out how to format a table inside of a Word Doc. Instead, Beacon allows you to search our help docs, find our free workshops or contact one of our awesome Support reps. It can be super helpful:

Today’s release adds Beacon to the “My Account” pages. Beacon is now there to help whenever you need it inside of the YNAB web app. Go away, Clippy!