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Web Release Notes: September 10, 2019

Release Notes

As they say in Texas, “we’re fixing to release some fixes today.” And sure, our CTO, Taylor, and quite a few of our devs and support reps are from the great state of Texas and they have literally never uttered the phrase “we’re fixing to release some fixes today,” but it just feels Texas-y…and we fixed a few Texas-sized bugs today:

  • For some types of investment accounts that get used like checking accounts, transactions were being skipped because they were coming in with a value of 0. The reason for this was that these particular accounts were pulling the amount in via the “quantity” field as opposed to the “value” and “price” field (which were coming in with zeros). We fixed this issue for these types of accounts and hope to never have any issues with any bank direct import transactions ever again…takes huge deep breath
  • We found and fixed a really, really old sync bug. Like, it’s a bug that shipped with the first version of the mobile app. The bug was a little obscure, but fatal…for the app (phew, but still). If you ran into the bug, the only way forward was to uninstall and then reinstall the app. This bug occurred when users updated more than one split transaction since their last sync AND if the split parent had a value entered in the Memo field. Obscure, but also not that obscure for some of you. Found it. Fixed it. On to Cincinnati.

API News

The to_budget_budgeted value on the /budget/:id/months endpoint could sometimes be inconsistent with what you see on the web and mobile apps, if you had budgeted money in future months. We’ve fixed this so now this endpoint should be consistent regardless of whether you’re viewing it from the web or mobile app.