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Web Release Notes: October 31, 2019

Release Notes

First of all, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Boo!…and what not. You’re scared. You get the idea. Today’s release took a little bit of a coding trick to yield a nice, little usability treat. And I realize that Halloween is more of a trick OR treat paradigm, but we felt like, “hey. Why can’t we just change history and turn Halloween on its head by using a trick to yield a treat?” So that’s what we did:

*Please read this release update in the Vincent Price Thriller voice for full effect*

Today’s release is kind of a sweet timesaver (I am going to run this trick or treat thing into the ground). When users experienced a foul error when trying to enter in their password to connect to a bank, they would be asked to re-enter their password (even if the error had to do with reCaptcha). This can be hauntingly painful. So, we’ve now made it so that we will keep the password field populated with the attempted password (in most cases) so that you can re-attempt without having to fiendishly type the whole thing in again, because of a reCaptcha failure or missing digit. Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha *diabolical laughter*…*trails off*