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Web Release Notes: October 3, 2019

Release Notes

Do you know what’s better than one-step verification? That’s right, two-step verification…it’s almost double the verification steps! Twice as much, some might say. And, as of today, everyone should now have the option to enable two-step verification in YNAB. If you’re not familiar with two-step verification, it’s an added layer of security for when you log in to YNAB. In the hierarchy of safe and secure logins, it goes:

  1. Password = password – WEAK…c’mon, now
  2. Long password with a mix of letters, numbers and characters – STRONG
  3. Two-step verification – SUPER DUPER STRONG

We go to great lengths to keep data safe on our end (you can read all about it here) so we hope you’ll also do your best to keep your data safe on your end. Now, with our newly added two-step verification option (and biometric authentication on iOS and Android) we’re giving you the tools you need to keep your data safe.

For more details on how to set up two-step verification, check out this post.

But, wait…there’s more! Operators are standing by (by that, I mean our awesome Support reps are ready for any questions). If you call now (you can’t call) all YNABers will also receive:

  • A fix to inline equations where, if you accidentally enter multiple decimal points, YNAB is now smart enough to know you only meant to put in one decimal point. “$3..11” will get converted to “$3.11.”
  • Removed circle icons from our onboarding buttons to keep things consistent. Peace out, my sweet, sweet circle icons. You will be missed, but you were also not really necessary *Sarah McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You” playing in the background*.