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Web Release Notes: October 29, 2019

Release Notes

For most of our releases lately, we’ve been pushing a lot of internal/infrastructural changes. Part of it is because we’re working on bigger features that will be launched in the coming months. But another part of it has to do with the software equivalent of mowing the lawn or getting the oiled changed. Part of what makes YNAB run so smoothly is that we’re constantly updating, pruning, refactoring, brushing, flossing, hydrating, getting our yearly physical and just doing all of the things so that it continues running smoothly AND so we can add amazing new features to a clean codebase (some of those were analogies…or were they?). Anyway, here are a few changes you may notice from today’s release:

  • Made a small change to the menus to make the “Categorize” menu icon match our mobile apps and we also modernized the way we handle the layout (flexbox) to make vertical alignment less messy. No one likes wrangling alignment issues…just try doing page layout in a Word Doc.
  • In our Direct Import flow, we added an empty “No Connections” screen to help with better UX and navigation when using the browser “backwards” and “forwards” navigation. While we did this, we were able to simplify the code, which will help a great deal as we work with new importing partners to make Direct Import even better going forward.