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Web Release Notes: October 24, 2019

Release Notes

In our ongoing battle to make bugs a thing of the past*, today’s release squashes two somewhat obscure, but important bugs:

  • We automatically clear transactions created on a Cash account (this makes sense, because there is no bank involved to clear) but when creating a transfer from a non-Cash account to a Cash account, we weren’t clearing that transaction. Not a dealbreaker, because you can always clear it manually, but we value your time, so we fixed this issue and streamlined that for you.
  • Deleting payees can be dicey business, especially when they are tied to transactions. But if a payee is only tied to deleted transactions, then there should be no issues in letting YNABers delete those payees. This wasn’t the case, as YNAB was preventing payees with deleted transactions from being deleted. We fixed this. One might say that we “deleted” the issue of not allowing deletions when deletions were involved. One also might delete that last sentence.

*IMPORTANT: No actual, real-life, non-software bugs were harmed during this release