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Web Release Notes: October 15, 2019

Release Notes

This release is comin’ in hot…actually, most of our web releases come in hot. I think it has something to do with Thermodynamics and heat loss from friction in the circuitry. It’s Physics. Don’t ask me for the details, though. Anyway, here’s the new hotness (remember, this is heat in the form of actual physical heat inside the servers AND from the hotness of squashed bugs and smoother YNAB-ing):

  • When you Fresh Start a budget, we were not carrying over the last used payment payee for credit card accounts which means it was not auto-filling the next time you entered a payment. Sorry about that. Sometimes we get a little overzealous with the level of freshness we offer. That may have been too fresh.
  • If you had a credit card account payment that was part of a split transaction and you clicked to view it from the Credit Card Payments “Activity” popover, an error would occur. Fixed!…I don’t know why we’re yelling here, but stomping out bugs sometimes requires an extra level of catharsis in the form of an exclamation point.
  • When you select a payee for a new transaction we try hard to remember the last category used for that payee and will auto-fill it. But, transfer payees pointing to Tracking accounts did not remember the category. We were able to jog its memory, though, so hopefully it will never forget your last category again.