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Web Release Notes: October 1, 2019

Release Notes

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve made some changes to the way Goals are handled in YNAB. We’ve been slowly rolling these changes out, and as of today, all of you should see the new changes to Goals in YNAB. So, what’s new? You can read about all of the exciting details here, but here’s a quick rundown if clicking links isn’t your thing (I think I’ve just made up a person in my head that avoids clicking links at all costs):

  • We’ve broken Goal types down into two types: Plan your spending AND Build your savings.
  • Plan your spending Goals are really the new feature here and you can plan to spend a certain amount each month OR you can plan to spend a certain amount by a specific future date. The focus here is spending. Before, you might have had a goal to save for a vacation in the coming year. You wanted to set aside $200 each month, so you would have $2,000 saved for the trip. But, unless you live life fast and loose (which, we’re not judging you) you’re not buying your plane tickets on the day of your trip. You would likely buy them several months prior. So, with Plan your spending Goals, you would maybe set a Goal to spend $800 on plane tickets by March 1st. This way, your Goal doesn’t go yellow when you spend the money (that you were always going to spend to begin with).
  • Build your savings Goals behave in the same way that Goals have behaved since they were dropped on the world in 2016. You can set aside a monthly amount, or you can set a target balance (by date or otherwise).

So…welcome to Goal-klahoma!!! Goal-ing Green, Goal-hio!!!! Jackson Goal, Wy-Goal-ming…these are terrible. But you know what’s not terrible? The new Goals in YNAB. And this is just the first step in some even more exciting changes that we’re making to Goals to help you reach your…goals.