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Web Release Notes: November 8, 2017

Release Notes

These relatively unembellished release notes are brought to you by looming deadlines and lack of sleep. Please insert your own jokes where you see fit, then chuckle gently to yourself. And you’re completely free to work blue, though I’m not seeing much fodder in this batch.


  • You can now select an existing transaction and either click the Edit menu or the Make Recurring button on the calendar dropdown to create a scheduled transaction based on the selected transaction.
  • If you’re setting up an account and your search for your financial institution comes up empty, you can now suggest our Direct Import provider adds support for it.
  • If one of your Direct Import financial institutions is having issues we’ll display a new status message in-app. That message will include a link to the status page for more information.

Bug fixes

  • When searching transactions by date using a before: xx/xx/xxxx filter, split scheduled transactions were sometimes shown even if the date was after the filter value. Those false positives have been quashed.
  • If you clicked outside the edit account modal to close it (as opposed to clicking the Cancel button) and that modal was displaying a validation error message, the next time that modal was opened the old validation error message was still showing, even if you had switched accounts. That’s fixed now.