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Web Release Notes: November 29, 2017

Release Notes

[Obligatory ate-too-much-at-Thanksgiving joke here. Pause for obligatory chuckle in response.]

What’s New

  • Now you can jump from one side of a transfer transaction to the other, like a veritable Bob Beamon of the budgeting world. Just click the icon next to a transfer transaction and—BANG!—you’re on the other side. You can also click a transaction in any activity list (budget activity, upcoming transactions, spending report transactions, or income vs expense transactions) and we’ll take you to that transaction.


  • If you add an account using the mobile app before using the web app for the first time, we now allow you to preferentially skip the “add account” onboarding step. We used to make you jump through the hoop of adding another account in order to get credit for that step in our deceptively educational game of onboarding, but that was being somewhat dismissive of your accomplishment. We’re all for giving credit where credit is due.
  • In our never-ending quest to bolster Direct Import (DI), we’ve started preventing the creation of duplicate DI connections for a given institution/username combination. If you were lucky enough to have created duplicate connections in the past, through no fault of your own, we’ll politely ask you to relink those accounts through a single connection.
  • When selecting the date format for a budget, we show a preview using the current date. That’s all well and good unless the day and month number happen to match, like 11/11/2017. In such cases it’s not obvious which part is the month and which the day. Now, instead of using the ever-fickle and oft-ambiguous current date, we always use 12/28/2015, arguably the single most important date in personal-budgeting history.
  • And we now set a more appropriate date for the goal we create during onboarding.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an unfortunate currency formatting issue in the error modal we show when trying to match a split transaction with a regular transaction of a different amount.
  • If there was sufficient time to accumulate two or more instances of a scheduled transaction since you last logged in (no judgment), we only created the first one. That’s fixed. Now we create them all.
  • We fixed an issue with adding/editing transactions on Safari 11 (the IE6 of the modern era) where you couldn’t shift focus from one field to another with a click.