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Web Release Notes: December 6, 2017

Release Notes

What’s New

You can now create new categories while adding transactions. You used to have to abandon your nascent transaction, go to your budget, create your new category, then go back to adding your transaction. Not exactly frictionless budgeting. Now you can add the category right from the register.


The “move money” search filter now behaves as well as the register filter, matching text in the middle of words and not choking on emoji.

Bug Fixes

More IE6 Safari 11 fixes this round:

  • You used to have to select a category twice in order to make it stick. Now it’s once and done, as it should be.
  • When selecting a category from the dropdown and pressing enter, the search text was committed instead of the selected category. That’s not what you meant so we fixed it.
  • In the account register, popovers would reappear after shifting focus to another input. This happened with date, payee, and category popovers. Sloppy, but fixed now.


  • Previously, you could transfer a split transaction to an off-budget account, and you could also specify any of the sub-transactions as transfers as well. This caused duplicate transfers, throwing off account balances. Fixed now.
  • When creating a scheduled split transaction with a date prior to today, the first transaction created did not include the splits, although subsequent transactions would get them.
  • When editing an existing scheduled transaction with splits and changing its date to a date prior to today and modifying any of the splits, a transaction would be created but have the old split information.