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Web Release Notes: November 26, 2019

Release Notes

Here we are just days before Thanksgiving in the U.S. and only a few days away from the end of our last 6-week development cycle of 2019 here at YNAB. We have a lot to be thankful for and I don’t want to do any kind of year-end review right now (we’ve got several more releases coming out before the end of the year) but I want to just say that I’m thankful for bug-fixes and the care and detail that goes into coding and testing these fixes to get them out the door.

So, without any further ado (I don’t know if that last bit qualified as “ado,” but I’m going with it) here is the bug-fix that we released today:

  • When new users go through onboarding, we teach them about setting goals by having them set a goal for “Software Subscriptions.” However, if the user had deleted that “Software Subscriptions” category before they got to the onboarding step to set a goal, it was causing an error. So, we fixed that.
  • Also, Happy Thanksgiving to all the YNABers in the US!…not a release, but we’re thankful either way.