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Web Release Notes: November 12, 2019

Release Notes

Listen. We like big budgets and we cannot lie. When you’ve been budgeting with YNAB for awhile and you’re giving dollars jobs, your budget grows. This is a great thing for you and for us. But when budgets start getting really, really big, it can pose a little bit of a problem for programmers to wrangle. Don’t get me wrong. Programmers love wranglin’ and they especially love wranglin’ problems. And this is what our programmers have been up to: wranglin’ big budget problems…and specifically, making bigger budgets faster. In today’s release:

  • We changed how we recompute transaction rows when a user clicks to edit a transaction. We now only change the row that’s being edited currently, which should greatly reduce lag on larger budgets. Ya’ been wrangled, editing transaction lag!
  • Our Code Sheriff™ got into the code and optimized how we handle array sorting in some cases and the changes we made showed a 30% improvement in time-to-load (15.5 seconds to 11 seconds) in one of our benchmark tests. This is a notable increase in speed. Hey, array sorting, ya’ been wrangled!
  • We also fixed a little whoopsy from our last code deployment where logging out from the Accounts screen wasn’t working properly. It might have been our mistake, but either way: WRANGLED!!!!…and yee haw!