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Web Release Notes: May 3, 2018

Release Notes


  • When exporting a Spending Totals report, we now order your categories the same as they appear in your budget.

Bug Fixes

  • We’re supposed to show a warning when you delete a transfer with only the other side reconciled. You would see the warning if you were deleting via the “Edit” menu, but not if you used the delete key. Now you’ll see the warning regardless of how you initiate the deletion.
  • When moving money or editing a budgeted amount, the totals on the move money dropdowns didn’t update accordingly. They do now.
  • If you used quick budget with a given category, clicked on a different category then back to the original, the value would revert to the old budgeted amount. Similarly, if you added or edited a budgeted column, then used undo and clicked on the same budgeted column, the value would revert to it pre-undo value. Both are fixed now, so they retain the proper value.