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Web Release Notes: May 30, 2018

Release Notes


  • From the Chicken Little Department: When editing a transfer with the other side reconciled, we show a message warning about the possibility this edit could bring your reconciliation out of balance. We were showing this message even if you innocuously changed the memo. We now only show the warning if you change the amount.
  • Date fields in the register were reportedly feeling claustrophobic so we added more space to let them breathe a little.
  • If a cash account was inadvertently linked to a bank, you can now disconnect it from the bank.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a currency-setting issue when adding a manual account or creating a credit-card goal in mobile.
  • Fixed a regression with adding/subtracting decimals that don’t start with a “0.”.

UPDATE: The inflow and outflow fields in IE were unresponsive after this morning’s release. Fixed.