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Web Release Notes: May 28, 2020

Release Notes

Oh, the last release of May…it’s almost the end of Spring…which reminds me…have you done your Spring cleaning yet? Or maybe that is all anyone does these days since we’re all at home in this weirdo-with-a-beardo year of 2020. Either way, you may want to look at all of your bank accounts and do some Spring cleaning (AKA simplifying) for your financial life. We made a handy dandy guide on how to make that happen.

Speaking of simplifying: if you haven’t simplified your bank account situation, you may not have noticed this tiny little bug that we introduced. We recently updated some menus and with that update, we prevented the option to move transactions between accounts from becoming enabled if you had only two accounts. But today’s release fixed that issue. Sorry about that, my fellow simplifiers.

Also in today’s release: we’ve made it easier to click/check budget table rows by increasing the area needed to check a category row. This extra space is so luxurious.