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Web Release Notes: May 22, 2018

Release Notes

What’s New

  • File-based Import (affectionately known as FBI to YNABers the world over) is a decent alternative to Direct Import. Sure, it requires a little more hand-holding, but it gets the job done. Unfortunately, some banks play fast and loose with the OFX spec, which means your debits could come across as credits during the import. We’ve added a “Swap Inflow and Outflow” option to the FBI flow for such situations. You can toggle it on and off to preview the effect. Not a bad way to start a random Tuesday in late May.


  • When editing the other, non-reconciled side of a reconciled transfer transaction, we now show a warning pop-over, explaining that editing the amount will render out-of-balance the reconciliation of your other account. Tread lightly.
  • Inline calculators now respect parenthesis. 1.20 * ($10 + $20) now equals 36 instead of 32. All is right with the world.

Bug Fix

  • In other OFX-related news, we now handle multiple credit card accounts properly during the import. Prior to this fix we’d attribute all transactions to a single card. Now we spread the love appropriately.