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Web Release Notes: May 21, 2020

Release Notes

Update: We pushed out a second release today to smooth out some issues related to porting users over to our new direct import provider, Plaid.

There are certain things in life that we inherently know not to do:

  • Don’t touch a hot stove
  • Don’t stick your fingers into electrical sockets
  • Don’t go chasing waterfalls

But there are some things that are maybe less apparent like, “don’t upload an empty .csv to YNAB.” Apparently sometimes that would happen. A YNABer would go in and try and upload an empty .csv file (for whatever reason. We don’t judge) and then they would get a very generic and uninformative error message. With today’s release, though, we clear the proverbial empty .csv air (you know that old proverb, right?) with a much clearer error message:

[YNAB pushes up its glasses on its nose] “Um, are you trying to upload an empty .csv? Um.” [sighs as it puts down its 900-page History of Accounting book]

Also, there’s that old conundrum of “haphazardly clicking outside of popups when you’re right in the middle of something.” And I get it. Clicking on things is fun. Well, before this release, If you went to add a sub category and then you changed your mind and clicked outside of the popup (modal), an error would occur. Now it doesn’t, so feel free to click on anything and everything*.

*Please don’t click the “Unsubscribe from YNAB” button, unless you’re not using YNAB. But you are, right? I mean, you’re reading the Release Notes. Let’s be friends.