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Web Release Notes: May 19, 2020

Release Notes

Update: We pushed out a second release today fixing issues with dark mode while adding accounts on mobile as well as fixing display issues in the accounts toolbar on Firefox.

On Sunday, my family and I went for a 5-mile hike up Green Mountain outside of Bremerton, Washington. We were a little worried that our 7-year-old was going to complain as this was easily the longest hike we had ever done. But, the opposite proved to be true. For whatever reason, she woke up and decided that she was no longer our daughter, Nora, but was now “Fluffy the Unicorn.” She dressed in full unicorn attire and decided that her new mantra was that “Fluffy never complains.” It was amazing.

My point here is that unicorns are magic. But you know what else is magic?! Our designers and developers! Check out what these digital unicorns have unicorned for us in today’s update:

  • In true unicorn fashion, we made some visual updates to the register toolbar and edit transaction menu to be more inline with the budget settings menu. And for good measure, we updated some icons as well. Magic!
If your YNAB looks different, it’s because we need you to follow your dreams more, maybe?
  • We’ve also made some visual updates to the budget table. Ooooh SPARKLY!
  • We’re now displaying account number identifiers (last 4 digits) when listing bank accounts to link to YNAB. Total unicorn move right there!