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Web Release Notes: May 14, 2020

Release Notes

Big shout out to all of our Safari users today. We all know people who use Safari, right? I just picture all of them wearing black, mock turtle necks while drinking from really small espresso cups typing important things on their Macs. You know who you are, Safari users. Totally kidding. You’re normal and we love you. Also, our Visual Designer/Brand Owner, Lauren uses Safari and she’s one of the most smartest, most talentedest people we know.

Anyway, our pop up (modal) arrows were all askew in Safari, but Kyle went in and did some front-end Kung Fu on them and now they will show up properly in Safari and every browser ever invented until the end of time*.

Yeah…that arrow is supposed to be pointing to that account amount and not pretending to be a shark

*Don’t hold us to that. We can’t guarantee that arrows will exist in the future.