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Web Release Notes: March 6, 2018

Release Notes


  • Previously, pressing the tab key when editing a goal amount would close the goal editor and lose your changes. Now tabbing moves focus to the “Save” button so you can save your work.

Bug Fixes

  • We were incorrectly allowing transactions to be matched several times. Unsurprisingly, this led to errors, especially when trying to undo the second match. Fixed now.
  • In the unlikely event you were to remove all of the transactions from the oldest month of your budget, we failed to remove that month from reports. Reports now ignore such months devoid of transactions.
  • When looking at an inflow transfer from a liability account to an asset account, we were incorrectly showing the transfer payee as “Payment from: <liability account>”. That wasn’t quite right. Now we show “Transfer from: <liability account>”.